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List of content :

Veil of Alaris (VOA) Maps of Named

Argath (Tier 1)

Crystallos, Lair of The Awakened
Since i skipped this content at that time, i get it anew and visit this great dragon land.
Access to MMM (Walkthrough coming soon)
Access to Crystallos (Walkthrough)

Underfoot (UF) Maps of Named 

Brell’s Rest (Tier 6)

Pellucid Grotto (Tier 6)

House of Thule (HOT) Maps of Named 

Feerott, The Dream (Tier 1)

House of Thule Lower Levels (Tier 1)

House of Thule The Grounds (Tier 2)

House of Thule The Library (Tier 2)

House of Thule Upper Levels (Tier 3)

House of Thule Fear Itself (Tier 3)

House of Thule Rank I spells

Find them here

House of Thule Armors 

How to build your own piece of armor ?

Underfoot Armors

How to build your own piece  of armor ?


Seeds of Destruction – Dark Soul Crystal NEW

Seeds of Destruction – Bayle’s Heraldic Crest NEW

Seeds of Destruction – The Grand Illusion (Ancient Iksar Clicky item) NEW

Seeds of Destruction – OceanGreen Hills Missions/Tasks NEW

Secret of Faydwer – Bloodmoon Orc Illusion Mask

Secret of Faydwer – Charm Tinmyn’s Oil Can HP+455

Secret of Faydwer – Model XLII Spatial Temporal Oculus

Secret of Faydwer – Were-Orc Bone Circum

The Buried Sea – Jonas Dagmire’s Skeleton Hand Augment

The Buried Sea – The Lost Heirlooms (Charm Quests)

The Buried Sea – Tsaph Katta’s Urn Combine Quest

Seeds of Destruction

Events / Raids

Seeds of Destruction – Old BlackBurrow – Stop the ascension NEW

Seeds of Destruction – Temple of Bertoxxulous- Queen Malarian NEW

Secret of Faydwer

Meldrath Majestic Mansion (5 named zone)

Secret of Faydwer – Meldrath’s Majestic Mansion Access

MMM – Named 1 – Breakneck, Master of Arms (Breakneck Event)

MMM – Named 2 – Tactical Prototype XVII (Battle Event in the chess room)

MMM – Named 3 – Krond The Longhorn (Bed Room)

MMM – Named 4 – Seneschal Bargangle Tinkerson (Steam Stage room)

MMM – Named 5 – Brinda Sprockets (M.E.G. room)

MMM – Named 6 – Meldrath The Malignant

Secret of Faydwer

Secret of Faydwer – Big Bynn I Return

Secret of Faydwer – Cultural Armor / Augmentation

Secret of Faydwer – Maps

Secret of Faydwer – Spells 76-80

Secret of Faydwer – Spells 76-80 Vendors

Secret of Faydwer Spells Level 76-80 Drop Location

Solteris Progression : Task 1 Knowledge for Power

Solteris Progression : Task 2 Locating the Statue

Solteris Progression : Task 3 Snakes Hiding Something

Solteris Progression – Task 4-8

Solteris – Event 1 – Guardians of the Prime

Solteris – Event 2 – Mayong’s Fourth Confident – Deadly Swarm

Solteris – Event 3 – Stalwart Defenders (Balreth)

Solteris – Event 4 – Astire, The Lunar Eclipse

Solteris – Event 5 – Irissa, The Seer

Solteris – Event 6 – Commodus

Solteris – Event 7 – Final Event : The Two Gods

Ashengate / Frostcrypt Raids

ASHENGATE, RELIQUARY OF THE SCALE -The Serpent Spine expansion 2007

Ashengate Raid Flag Progression

Ashengate raiding map (east, west, north events)

Ashengate-East Raid1 – Griffon Master Ayna’Rym

Ashengate-East Raid2 – Stitch’s Ambush

Ashengate-East Raid3 – Stitch

Ashengate-North Raid1 – Armies of Dyn’Leth

Ashengate-North Raid2 – Dyn’Leth, Firstborn of Lethar

Ashengate-West Raid1 – Ambersnout The Aberration

Ashengate-West Raid2 – Attendants of Sothgar

Ashengate-West Raid3 – Sothgar The Twiceborn

Frostcrypt Raid Faction

Frostcrypt-A Raiding Introduction

Frostcrypt-B Raid1 – Kangur Vafta Veor

Frostcrypt-B Raid2 – Udengar The Traitor

Frostcrypt-C Event1 – Hearol The Tactician

Frostcrypt-C Event2 – Keeper Grenwald

Frostcrypt-C Event3 – Grave Lord Cotas

Frostcrypt-C Event4 – Harfange The Black

Frostcrypt-C Event5 – Wulfnor The Gladiator

Frostcrypt-C Event6 – Beltran The Shade King

Omens of War

Omens of War (OoW) – Muramite Proving Grounds (MPG) – Trial of Corruption

Omens of War (OoW) – Muramite Proving Grounds (MPG) – Trial of Hate

Omens of War (OoW) – Muramite Proving Grounds (MPG) – Trial of Adaptation


The berserker class – My walkthrough

Everquest History

France and its whereabouts

The Serpent’s Spine

The Serpent’s Spine

The Serpent’s Spine Spells (Tier 1)

Vergalid Mines

Vergalid Mines Raid 1 – Nurtha Frazzlesprocket

Vergalid Mines Raid 2 – Goru Uldrock

Vergalid Mines Raid 3 – Vergalid Event himself