Solteris Progression : Task 1 Knowledge for Power

Task 1 – Knowledge for power

The first step is to get to Katta Castrum.
Use your guild hall to make a direct portal, or enter the giant pool located in the middle of the buried sea zone. The first 3 solo missions and group missions are all from NPC mission givers inside of the Pyramid (ELNOT, PLIK, and MALADOKS).

pmelnot.png plik.png

Once you are in Katta Castrum, find the giant pyramid in the center of the city. The entrance is located on the north side of the center pyramid. Inside the pyramid, turn to your right (west) and find Prime Researcher ELNOT WAYMUN (ELNOT, missions). Hail him, follow dialog and he gives you a “Combine Signet Ring” and your first solo task “A city in Peril. Speak with Researcher PLIK and he gives you the first group mission “Knowledge is Power”.

Who – Associate Researcher Plik
Phrase – “challenge”

1. Enter the Quatemary Pyramid in Jewel of Atiiki
2. Speak with Yinihortinkah and accept the challenge
3. Evade the first wave of Efreeti seekers
4. Evade the second wave of Efreeti seekers
5. Evade the third wave of Efreeti seekers
6. Speak with Yinihortinkah to learn the answer
7. Return to Associate Researcher Plik

Hide and Go seek.
Find and enter the zone: Jewel of Atiiki.
After enter Atiiki, Invis and find the pyramid that has a circle “teleporter” pad. The right pad will zone you into an instanced zone. The wrong pad will keep you in Atiiki. Once you zone for a second time into the instance zone, you must clear some trash mobs (efreetis, scarabs…) on your way to the top of the pyramid.

Look for the “Hand of Yinihortinkah”.
Start the Hide & Go seek part.
Hail the sphinx Dezthazkekol for a tip (reversed reads – You would be wise to clear the lower floors before accepting the evasion challenge). Only hiding on the lower floor will allow you to evade the seekers…). Run down and find a spot that you think the seekers won’t find you in the lower floor of the pyramid.


Make sure your particle effects are set on high so that you can see
the big aura that the Seekers use to detect people.

Say “ready” to the Sphinx Yinihortinkah.
Evade the 6 Roamers Blind Seekers (3 waves).
The seekers use 5 pathing patterns to try and find you : Azia, Beza, Caza, Dena, and Ena.
Go talk to the sphinx and then finish the mission by talking to PLIK.

Talk to Prime Researcher ELNOT Waymun.
He will ask you to go and speak to Associate Researcher MALADOKS (Katta Castrum -58, +108). When its done, the Solteris 2d group task “Locating the statue” is available from ELNOT


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