Ashengate-North Raid1 – Armies of Dyn’Leth

trueshot.jpgflametrader.jpgArmies of Dyn`Leth

The script is not difficult. It starts in the center IZ hall of Ashengate, with Dyn’Leth drakkin armies standing in front of you to the North. Start the event by aggroing some. They are drakkin trueshots, menders, assassins, flametraders, enforcers etc… They are rooted and do not attack.

This event is all about managing the adds waves.
When you aggro the drakkins, they call a lot of adds (drakes). Kite them around the big room at the zone in while DPS kill the rooted drakkins. Flametraders first for they spawn little drake adds that have like ~7,000 HP. Then the menders (they heal other mobs) and trueshots who do burst damage on whoever is the highest on their hate list. Each rooted mob has a different/random aura. One is like a 300% slow, one is a silence and the other is like a dot. Trueshooters also FD random people on hatelist.

Strategy :
Pick the drakkins off one by one and kill them. Have your kiters kite the adds, and your casters DD them down. Same strategy for the 3 waves, though each wave brings more drakkins and more adds. To win the event, you must just survive through the 3 waves.


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