Ashengate-East Raid1 – Griffon Master Ayna’Rym

This first event is optional, you do not need to perform it to get access to the second Event, Stitch’s Ambush. I did not experience this event yet.

aynarym.jpgGriffon Master Ayna’Rym

The Griffon Master Ayna’Rym and her 2 pet griffons are located along the cliffside. She casts a AE DOT, CRUSHING DESPAIR, unresistable, decrease Mana by 500 per tick, decrease Hitpoints by 1,500 per tick, decrease Endurance by 500 per tick.


haley.jpgHaley The FleshRender


One Response to “Ashengate-East Raid1 – Griffon Master Ayna’Rym”

  1. Foulfeater – Casts Call of the Griffon: PB AE 2000′, Magic (-550)
    1: Decrease HP when cast by 12000
    2: Decrease Hitpoints by 2250 per tick
    3: Silence

    When casts, adds called “A Screechmaw Griffon” spawn and are charmable and mezzable.

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