Ashengate-East Raid2 – Stitch’s Ambush

At the end of the east wing in Ashengate is a gate inside the mouth of a statue dragon head. Move your entire raid inside the gate and into the tunnel. At the end of this tunnel is another gate. Clicking on either gate from within the tunnel will initiate the event.

stitchcutthroat.jpgstitch.jpgStitch and his waves of scarlet legion fighters

You will need to compete waves of Scarlet Legion assassins (easiest), cutthroats (medium), and murderers (toughest) for approximately 15 minutes. Also during this time, Stitch (who is behind a locked gate) will be casting the spell a targeted AE DOT TAINTED ARROW SALVO, duration 30sec, decrease HP when cast by 2,000, decrease HP by 500 per tick, which must be cured through the Corruption line of spells. If not cured in time, the spell triggers on the inflicted player an unresistable huge DOT, Tainted Arrow Effect, decrease HP by 2,500 per tick.

Do not let to many adds up without aggroing them, or the event may reset.

krait.jpgKrait The Bloodletter

After about 15 minutes, Krait the Bloodletter spawns. He has no special abilities besides enrage. Kill him. Upon his death, all adds despawn.


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