Ashengate-East Raid3 – Stitch

This event starts at the same gate where you fighted his ambush. It starts when everyone past the gate. It rewards you with 1/2 of the flag needed to perform the Ashengate North Events.

MeleeStats : Stitch joins the event once one of the spiders reaches 40%. He hits for ~6,800 dam; Flurry; Enrage; and has a lot of HP.
AESpells : He casts the same spells as in the prior event (Stitch’s Ambush), Tainted Arrow Salvo, Targeted AE 50′, (-100 Corruption) (duration: 30 seconds), decrease Hitpoints by 500 per tick, decrease HP when cast by 2000, not cured is a self unresistable decrease HP by 2500 per tick for 1 minute.

Once the event starts Stich is inactive. He is off back in the lava hiding and only casting Tainted Arrow Salvo. 2 huge spiders will instantly spawn and attack you as well, Pyrachnid and Cinderweb.


MeleeStats : Pyrachnid hits for ~4,500 dam, Single Rampage, AE Rampage, Flurry, Enrage.
AESpells : It casts no spells. It casts spiders PB AE BLOOD OF THE LAVA SPIDER upon his death though, decrease HP by 7,000.


MeleeStats : Cinderweb hits for ~4,500 dam and has no special melee abilities besides Enrage.
AESpells : It casts the spell CINDERWEB on its target, a 48 second root with a 600 damage per tick dot, -500 fire resist. It casts spiders PB AE BLOOD OF THE LAVA SPIDER upon his death, decrease HP by 7000.

stitch.jpgStitch and the progenity of the 2 spiders

When either spider reaches 38%, Stitch gets pissed off and joins in with the spiders at the raid. Every 1:15 afterwards, waves of 2 – 10 baby spiders spawn. These smaller spiders need to be aggroed quickly and killed quickly. They will eat hatelist people, like healers very quickly. They hit for ~3000 and very few HP. A bubbling beneath the lava signals the entrance of them. They will stop spawning after Stitch’s death.

The 3 named can be killed in any order.
When Pyrachnid and Cinderweb pop, DPS Cinderweb and kite Pyrachnid. When Cinderweb is at 40% Stitch spawns , kite Stitch and Pyrachnid, kill Cinderweb. After Cinderweb dies , the first wave of magmatic spiderlings starts. Next, just kill Stitch, while Pyrachnid is still kited. The main reason for this is that when Stitch dies the AE DOT fades and magmatic spiderlings stop popping. Kill Pyrachnid with no more AE and adds.

The key points in this event are : get cured, kite named fast and skilled, manage with the adds fast.


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