Ashengate-West Raid1 – Ambersnout The Aberration

agw-1.jpgAmbersnout The Aberration

Timing on this event is important.

Move to the front of Ambersnout room. Have everyone rezzed and ready to go before clearing trash as even a single repop during the event can cause a very fast wipe and fail.

Head under the bridge and kill the egg. This spawns Ambersnout. Do not damage or cast ANYTHING on you as he has an insane damage shield vs melee AND spells. Ambersnout will roam up and down the ramps of the bridge area, spawning adds. He will path around the bridge area from bottom to top spawning slimes, drakes or statues. This is a “pay attention” fight where you need to chase him as a raid and kill any mobs he spawns the instant he spawns them. Each pop you kill drops his HP. Continue to win. About second pass he’ll start popping in 2 mobs at a time.

Simple just a DPS fight, kill the adds, Ambersnout will die.
Another note, based on repop timer for trash mobs here if you wipe, wait for full repop and re clear the whole.


One Response to “Ashengate-West Raid1 – Ambersnout The Aberration”

  1. He pops slimes (melee ds), elementals (spell ds) and statues. Depending on the type of mob, different dps will be needed because the ds will kill your dps classes fast if they are not of the right type. Range dps (ie, archery, not spells) is very nice to have here, as it does not seem to be affected by the ds. You can also attack Ambersnout himself to bring him down a bit if you want, but he also has ds and killing the mobs is generally better.

    Keep in mind that the event will reset if you take too long. Haven’t timed it, unfortunately.

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