Ashengate-West Raid2 – Attendants of Sothgar

attendant.jpgAttendants of Sothgar

The Attendants of Sothgar are located in the furthest room in Ashengate West. There is no trigger or time-limit. They aggro when you are in range like any other mob. Each attendant hits for ~5,000 dam and has an aura called “Burning Presence I” : Single Target, Fire (-550), decrease HP when cast by 1,300, decrease Hitpoints by 1,300 per tick. They turn into “an enraged Attendant of Sothgar” once they reach about 8-10% health. The attendants are rooted.

Strategy :
Clear the trash mobs to them and settle your entire raid at the center of the room on the pedestal. Their DOT is nasty but its more of an aura effect than an AE. Just hide in the center of the pedastal and it will instantly fade/wear off and you can safely set up there. Debuff and slow all the mobs.
Have 5 tanks setup and build hate on the mobs before engaging. Beat each mob down until it enrages, they max hit for about 3,000 to 4,000 dam before enrage. Once enraged they will turn into “an enraged attendant”, their name changes and they start hitting for 8,000 to 9,000 dam.

enragedattendant.jpgAn Enraged Attendant

Once all are turned to “an enraged” you have to find the one that is glowing. To check which Attendant is glowing, before you zone in, use the /particle med, you will then be able to see the particles around him. Have someone watch all the attendants and call it.
Kill the first glowing attendant and then another one will start glowing etc… The key point at this stage of the fight is your MA being fast enough to get the proper (glowing) mob targetted. If you kill a non glowing attendant, the entire event resets and all mobs go back to “attendants” and full hp.


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