Ashengate-West Raid3 – Sothgar The Twiceborn

This event rewards you with 1/2 of the flag needed to perform the Ashengate North Events.

sothgar.jpgSothgar The Twiceborn – Final West Event

It is an easy event and straightforward mostly. Levitate will be cancelled, as there is a knockback effect during the fight.

MeleeStats : hit for ~6,800 dam; Single Rampage; Enrage.
AESpells : Two directional spells : SOTHGAR’S INCINERATING BREATH, decrease HP by 7,500 ; SOTHGAR’S TAIL SWEEP, decrease Hitpoints by 8,500.

Avoid the Globes of living lava, there is nothing you can do to damage them and they will 15,000 AE DD on you, very hard to resist. About the Drake adds, let your TMs keep them off casters. Red adds just need some bit of offtanking as they are unmezzable. Yellow & blue adds can be mezzed. These adds will despawn by themselves.The event is in 4 segments. 100-75% / 75-50% / 50-25% and 25%-death. Once each % listed gets reached, Sothgar pauses for a little bit.


Just DPS him. At 76% everyone that has a dot stacks every DOT on him. The goal is to keep him from regenerating to 77% where the risk of locking him is high. If you get enough DOTs on him when he locks at 75% he’ll tick down to 74%…if he gets to 74% he is unlockable right then and you can keep going. Same thing at 51% and 31%.

Downtime#1: 2-3 mins

Globes of living lava spawn and slowly move across the room. When they stop, a nasty AE goes off called Magma Bubble, PB AE 50′, decrease HP by 15,000, decrease HP by 1,500 per tick (6 ticks), Stun, very tough to resist. Simply move around the room to avoid this. Remember the Sendaii event from DoD ?

DPS Sothgar again. Globes of living lava despawn and Drakes spawn, ranging from blue to red con. All are mezable except red of course. Kite or offtank them.

Downtime#2: 2-3 mins

Drakes despawn and more globes spawn. Same strategy, avoid them all.

DPS Sothgar again. This time, both Globes of living lava and Drakes pop.. The Globes of living lava during this stage cast Ooze Damage Shield, a 1,500 dam shield and they cast it on the Drakes either. Just kite them all.

Downtime#3: 2-3 mins

More Globes of living lava pop.


DPS and burn Sothgar down. All discs are to be used. Everything from previous stages spawn in this stage, oozes and drakes. The chaos from this fight is reinforced by Sothgar casting Earthshaker, a DD/stun/Feign Death.


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