Frostcrypt-C Event6 – Beltran The Shade King

Beltran the Shade King – FC Final Mob


Touch of Shadows (Decrease HP when cast by 750, Decrease Hitpoints by 750 per tick, Add Proc: Banish Shadows, Decrease Attack Speed by 50% and Movement by 50%) Banish Shadows (Decrease Hitpoints by 5000) Shadow Eyes (roaming aura that decreases Spell Haste by 50%, Blindness) Unstable Golem Shatter (Decrease Hitpoints by 11500)

2 Golems
1 Fire Nuke will create a goo add, and drops the golem a few %. 1 ice nuke on the goo to turn it into a tiny golem with medium HP. Kill it. Both big golems and adds hit like trucks. Do this to both mobs.

Beltran The Shade King
Shade King will spawn. Have a warrior aggro him a bit and kite him around the room. DONT DAMAGE HIM. Leave him at 99%. Once at 99%, have people non-dmg aggro from a distance. Once they get the proc spell on them, log off to an alt. The proc has 5 minute timer on it. Log an alt and join a channel. Only shammies+druids+warriors stay in zone. Make sure everybody is higher on hatelist than clerics. Once everybody has been hit by the bane, make them log back in and DPS like crazy. Easy fight. Make sure he isnt cornered on a corner wall. Burn him down.


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