Frostcrypt-C Event3 – Grave Lord Cotas

The Torch Event

Really easy.
Torches are one use per person, but you can zone or succor to get around that. Get your raid full of torches by having someone DA and charge in to kite, while a group goes in and gets torches, then kiter FD’s outside hall or FD and COH out to reset and repeat.

When you start the event, have someone charge in and distract the zombies while everyone lights torches. Make sure your healers, OT’s, and a few main DPS get theirs done first. Good idea to assign them a room close by. The rest of the fight, the kiter brings them back to a corner, OT keeps them ae aggroed while you kill. Have a group or two assigned to specific torches, with a wiz or druid. They will spend the rest of the event picking up, lighting, succor, and repeat.

The zombies charge where the other zombies are fighting. They stop coming out of a room that has all its torches lit.

Named will spawn when all rooms are lit.

cotas.jpgGraveLord Cotas


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