Frostcrypt-C Event5 – Wulfnor The Gladiator

wulfnor.jpgWulfnor The Gladiator

In the room is Wulfnor and named mobs lining the wall. One of them will agro and charge in when Wulfnor is aggroed. When it dies, another will run in to take its place. After all named down, some more adds will charge into the room to agro.


Start of fight, kite wulfnor around while you kill each named one at a time. Have someone target and bring it in to raid. Then when all down, bring in Wulfnor. While Wulfnor is being damaged, every so often, arena beasts will spawn, about 2 to 3 each wave, and charge the raid. They are yellow, and mezzable. Just kill them off. When the last batch of trash adds pop and charge in, some SK can AE aggro and kite them until Wulnor dies, then peel them off one at a time to kill.


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