Frostcrypt-C Event1 – Hearol The Tactician

hearol.jpgHearol the Tactician

Engage the named once the room is clear. When he gets down to about 80%, he will despawn and an “ice wall” will form, splitting the room in half.

ROOM IN 2 SECTIONS (ice wall)

On each side of the wall, 4 giants and a “Trapmaster” gargoyle named will spawn.

trapmaster.jpgTrapmaster Xygor i.e.

The trapmaster wanders around dropping traps on the ground that need to be avoided. Leave enough tanks and healers to offtank one side, and raid assists to kill the other side. Trapmasters will not become killable until the giants on their side are dead. Kill the giants and the trapmasters — once the trapmasters are both dead, the room will shift and everyone will port again.

ROOM IN 4 SECTIONS (ice walls)

This time, the room is in 4 sections, each divided by ice walls. While you’ll be able to travel left / right across the walls, you’ll need to break down the ice (killable object) between a pillar and the room’s wall to get up / down. Hearol will appear in one of those 4 sections, and the whole raid will need to get to him, because everyone will be scattered in random sections (including his). Adds will spawn in the corners of the room (more every time he ports)…don’t agro them. They are stationary, and out of agro range as long as you don’t get too near. Hearol will port every 20% of his health and the room will be reset into the 4 ice walls again, where the raid has to find him.


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