Frostcrypt-B Raid1 – Kangur Vafta Veor

kangur.jpgKangur Vafta Veor

a spider who spawns on the east side of the ice lake in an instanced version of Valdeholm.

This is a 24-person raid task that begins with Fergarin Bardon I in Valdeholm, who is located in the back room behind Wraithguard Heimgul, at +770, -780, -25. In order to request this task, you must have completed Intercepted Correspondence, Lost Letter, and Confession, or you must have participated in a successful “Kill Kangur” raid previously.

Exit the black market area through the Southern Door and kill Kangur Vafta Veor : it procs a single-target rampages for full damage; flurries; does not enrage ; spawns 2 waves of Vella Veors (10 when aggro’d, and then another 10 shortly after) ; also spawns 2 waves of Gjota Veors (these follow the Vella Veor waves – 3 pops, and then another 3 shortly after).

Completion of this task opens up the next raid task from Fergarin, Udengar the Traitor.


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