Frostcrypt-C Event2 – Keeper Grenwald

grenwald.jpgLoreKeeper Grenwald
In the room are zombies, shades, 2 named, and LoreKeeper Grenwald.
Zombies will FD when they hit 0% health then will get back up if down for too long. Zombies aggro first. Kite them, MEZ the yellow ones while red ones continue to be kited. DPS the yellows down to 5-10% each and re-mez. DPS the reds down to the same. Kill the reds then pick off the yellows. If they are all FD at the same time, they disappear and you don’t have to worry about them anymore.

The raid will then get ported single file, as well as the shades and the 2 named.

icegrind.jpgIcegrind, Shade of Zek

frostslash.jpgFrostslash, Shade of Zek

The mobs will all charge the raid. Kite them around, to make it easier, kill the shades first. When Icegrind and Frostlash reach 0%, they FD, then Lorekeeper Grenwald becomes active.

Icegrind will become active again when Grenwald reaches 75%, and Frostlash will get up when he reaches 50%. Kite them off while you DPS Grenwald. You can DPS them down if you really want, but they will FD again, and Icegrind will get back up at 25%. Grenwald’s ae is interruptable. Have someone call when it’s incoming, and mass bash and pally aa interrupt. If the ae lands, get it cured. I think only the aa rc’s cure it.

Kill Grenwald and get flag (provided Hearol is down)


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