Frostcrypt-B Raid2 – Udengar The Traitor

Udengar The Traitor

In order to request this task, you must have completed Fergarin’s three group tasks as well as the “Kill Kangur” task. There are, however, no prerequisites to participate in this task. This 54-person raid task begins with Fergarin Bardon I in Valdeholm, who is located in the back room behind Wraithguard Heimgul, at at -770, -780, -25.

Exit the black market area through the southern door (Valdeholm) – You will enter an instanced version of Valdeholm in which you need to kill High Lorekeeper Udengar Dergon. Do so by clicking on the door. From the moment you zone in, you have 17-20 minutes to reach the Lorekeeper’s Pit and set your raid up. Several ‘Holmguard’ giants are posted outside the entrance to the pit. They are KOS and hit just as hard as other mobs in the zone.
fc3-holmguard.png Holmguard Elite

Have someone with Letters of Evidence in their possession speak to the giant : You say, ‘I have evidence of treason.’ ; a Holmguard elite says ‘What evidence is this, invader? Be quick or die.’ ; At this point, the giant briefly becomes non-KOS. Give him the Letters of Evidence. A Holmguard elite looks at the documents you have given him.

From there you will get one of three responses:

1. a Holmguard elite says ‘This is falsification and treachery! You are trying to slander one of our greatest leaders!’ : The guard doesn’t accept the evidence and will continue his attack on you.
2. a Holmguard elite says ‘So be it. Udengar’s fate is in the hands of the god now. If you can slay him, then I will believe that you are in the right. If not, you will meet your ancestors and they will be shamed by your life and the manner of your death.’ : The guard is neutral about the evidence. He won’t serve Udengar, but won’t help you either. He will wander off.
3. a Holmguard elite says ‘I might believe you, but can you do anything about it? I shall remain at my post and see if you can take action. If you can, I may even assist you.’ : The guard accepts the evidence and will aid you once Udengar leaves the Lorekeeper Pit.

Kill 1 Lorekeeper Udengar
MeleeStats : Shaman ; AE Rampage
Strategy :
17 minutes after zoning in, the Lorekeeper’s Pit will empty of giants, except for Udengar and his two guardians – 2-3 minutes later, High Lorekeeper Udengar Dergon will emerge. You must kill him. Be warned, he hits quite hard and has two Zek loyalists with him. If he reaches the palace gates : Udengar has reached the safety of the palace gates. You have failed your mission. Notice thats there is no failure lockout timer.


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