Frostcrypt-B Raid3 – King Odeen

In order to request this task, you must have completed Fergarin’s 3 group tasks and 2 prior raid tasks, “Kill Kangur” and “Udengar the Traitor”. This 54-person raid task begins with Fergarin Bardon I in Valdeholm, who is located in the back room behind Wraithguard Heimgul, at +770, -780, -25.

Exit the black market area through the southern door ; convince King Odeen to give you the key to Undercrypt ; you will enter an instanced version of Valdeholm, in which you will find Royal Captain Gurangor and cohorts, as well as King Odeen.

Royal Captain Gurangor spawns along with : Arch Wizard S`Sitari, four Wizards of Zek, Lead Archer Hoseph, and a number of Archers of Zek, Warguard Hanlo, and Utok. Herald Kelion begins the event : You say, ‘Hail, Herald Kelion’ – Herald Kelion says, ‘You should not have ventured here… Unless you are foolish enough to [challenge] the might of [Royal Captain Gurangor].’ – You say, ‘We challenge the might of Royal Captain Gurangor.’ – Herald Kelion says, ‘Your challenge is accepted. Prepare yourselves for the wrath of Valdeholm’s finest!’ ; kill him.

King Odeen to 69% HP

After dealing with Royal Captain Gurangor’s event, the gates lift and you may proceed towards King Odeen’s throne. Upon arriving you find King Odeen, Faelig, and Hethgar standing there. They aggro instantly upon approach, you do not need to trigger any dialogue. Kill these two and then Lorekeeper Thair behind Odeen’s throne and then fight

kingodeen.jpgKing Odeen

Doing this out of order will cause this part of the event to reset. Upon taking King Odeen to 69% health you receive the following emote : King Odeen flees up the stairs and disappears through the door.You proceed up the steps behind the throne to find the second part of Odeen’s event.

Commander Clanghor The Savage

Commander Clanghor The Savage and 8 Royal Guardsman (these are named guards, not the generic a royal guardsman found throughout the zone). You must kill the guardsmen and the Commander to proceed with the event. After the Commander has fallen, you may proceed by opening the three doors that are in his room. Only one of these doors spawn King Odeen and his 6 named guards. The other two will spawn 6 Royal Guardian inside them (6 per door, these are different than the Royal Guardsmen). The room that has the King and his named guards is random every time; if you are lucky enough to pick the correct door on the first try, you do not have to bother with the remaining doors.

King Odeen to 49% HP

You must kill the six named Highkeepers guards ( Teltet, Highkeeper of Crypts – Serjar, Highkeeper of Arts – Geriok, Highkeeper of War – Rentik, Highkeeper of Ages -Wigni, Highkeeper of Ritual ) first before taking the King’s health down below 50% to prevent the event from locking up here. Upon taking King Odeen to 49% health you receive the following emote: The Lorekeepers place their king into a protective stasis.

At this point King Odeen warps back to his throne and begins running across the zone towards the hotsprings area. He stops not far before the hotsprings.

King Odeen to 34% HP

Your raid must backtrack to this area to begin this third part of the event. You will find the King back at 70% health or more (he partially regens). During this part of the event King Odeen calls for help from much of the surrounding trash and you must damage him while dealing with the trash adds. Upon taking King Odeen to 34% health you receive the following emote : King Odeen rushes out the city gate in a desperate attempt to flee his deadly foes.

King Odeen final fight

This is now the final stage of the event. King Odeen warps onto the bridge area and upon moving your raid there you find he is surrounded by several shieldman guards, guarding both sides of the bridge. You will find the King at 50% health or more (he partially regens). During this part of the event you must deal with several shieldman and King Odeen at the same time. Upon taking King Odeen to 14% health you receive the following emote, and the King’s health locks up again, preventing you from killing him ; hail him.

King Odeen shouts ‘I surrender! I can not defeat you! Do not kill me! I don’t want to be one of . . .them. . . I’ll do anything.’


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