Frostcrypt Raid Faction

Step 1
Located Wraithguard Warden Hosigar at the West side before the Giant gate’s last door in Valdeholm. Say the keyword [ Defenses ] to him and get the task call Orcish Dissention. The tasks requires you :

1. kill 30 Coldeye Orcs – any cold eye orcs outside in icefall will count
2. kill the shaman leader (Sayrook) : Sayrook is inside the orc fortress in Icefall, how to find him? Go into the Fortress, enter the first big room, and turn right up the mini staircase. You will see Sayrook inside if nobody is camping him, he has NO PH and spawns EVERY 20 MINUTES.
3. deliver sayrook’s head : Sayrook only has 1 head, no GG head or any head is available. So only 1 person can loot the head every 20 mins. Deliver the looted Sayrook’s Head back to Wraithguard Warden Hosigar and you will finish the task.

Do this task 2 times to get Apprehensive Faction.

Step 2
From the same NPC Wraithguard Warden Hosigar, get another task call Warning Signs. This task requires you :

1. Rebuild 10 Shade Warning Crystals 0/10 Valdeholm : You can use the item he gave you to click on the Crystals that is located outside Frostcrypt’s entrance. You can just click at a distance, and train into FC if you aggro.
2. Give the expired Shadow Ward Rune to Wraithguard Warden Hrosigar and return the used up item he gave you back to NPC.

This will give you Indifferent Faction.

Step 3
Locate Wraithguard Lodigar at the East side.
He will give you 2 tasks, the first task is to collect 3 broken shields from 3 Giant named call Wraithguard Vengeance

1. Go into Valdeholm Giant City, and locate 3 Giants: Seathir (First door on the left after you enter the Giant City’s Gate) ; Derein (West door when you stand at the Statue of Rallos Zek) ; Gothar (The first door on the left when you see the wolves pen at the east of the map)
2. Return their shields and you will faction up.
3. Return to NPC and ask another task, Wraithguard Vengeance II. The task will require you to kill 30 [ a sergeant ] giants in Valdeholm. After you killed them, you will faction up again.

Completing these 2 tasks should give you at least amiable or kindly.

Step 4
Find Wraithguard Commander Haesgin at the East side. He will give you a task call Incursion.

You are required to go to Frostcrypt’s zone in and hail the Giant NPC called Grethmar. He will zone into Frostcrypt, and you will need to follow it. There is a bug (maight want to check if it has not been patched), where you can keep saying the keyword [ move ] and [ stop ] to Grethmar inside FC, but the key is that you must not let them move into the crypt, keep them stopped outside where there is no giants, and eventually a named blue giant will pop. It is weak and hits only 1k+. Just need a meleer and healer will be ok. Is soloable by strong classes too. Keypoint is after you finish killing the name, keep repeat the [ move ] and [ stop ] command and the wraithguards will zone out, then your task will update. At no time should you allow the giants to walk into the undead giants.

This should up your faction to Warmly.

The 2d Task will require you to turn in some weapons that drop in Frostcrypt, these weapons can be looted before hand.
The 3rd task will require you to turn in 4 Marks of Rallos Zek.

Hopefully, these will make you ally already.

Step 5
After you got Ally faction, go turn in 3 X Mark of Rallos Zek to Wraithguard Heimgul will give you access to the secret area behind him.


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