House of Thule Rank I spells

Rank I spells are purchased in Feerrott, the Dream from NPCs who are gathered at the zone in from the Feerrott (west of the entrance to Cazic Thule).

Level 86 spells – Feril Brandigar, -1360, 715
Level 87 spells – William the Tall, -1382, 658
Level 88 spells – Dyla, -1385, 667
Level 89 spells – Gonop, -1373, 659
Level 90 spells – Kyluc, -1381, 671

Rathon Darkforest and Rotharran Radhelm in Feerrott, the Dream near the zone line to the Mountains of Rathe at around 510, 2800 will sell you some spells when your faction with the Dream Delvers is indifferent or better. Dream Motes are required to purchase them.


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