MMM – Named 1 – Breakneck, Master at Arms (Breakneck Event)

MMM – Named 1 – Breakneck, Master at Arms (Breakneck Event)

Waves of trash mobs before you start the real event.

Event is spawned by opening doors.
Once a door has been opened on a wave its safe, and can always be opened.
Waves are progresively harder. Elites cant be mezzed, can mez troopers. First wave is 2 elites 2 troopers. Extra elite after 2 min and every 2 min after that, same on all waves. Wave 2 is 2 elites 3 troopers. wave 3 is 3 elites 3 troopers and wave 4 is 3 elites 4 troopers. When you spawn a wave, breakneck spawns as well, just have monks bards or knights aggro him, kite him when he charges ect, don’t tank him. Till you finish the waves.

Best bet is clear most of the zone, maze, glass hall upper and lower doors, then go up the elevator out the north door to breaknecks room then into the room with the tiki to spawn the rest. Once breakneck is spawned the elevators stop workin 1/2 the time.
Anyways spawn breakneck.


He rampages (hard) and ae rampages (weak). Hits for up to 12kish. Fully attack debuff him slow him ect before engage since rooted. His dps isn’t that bad, and you can let the MT tank him while your dps are on the adds.

2 elite adds every 10% of his health. Kite 1, kill them one by one. Move back on Breakneck.

Every few minutes he’ll charge someone like Hatchet in DemiPlane. Targeted people have to kite or run away from the raid, or they explode the raid.

Best bet is kill all the adds till ya kill like the 30% adds then burn Breakneck down and kite the last 2 spawns. Depending on your dps, you can burn at 50% 40% or 30%.

Breakneck is weak to slash.
Breakneck runs very slow.
Activation of his “bomb” is when he catches the person.
If you got the DeathTouch emote, then run away from the raid and die. Don’t kill raid.
The rampage list will reset when the DT emote ends.

“…hoists an arm back” = DUCK
“…levels his horns at you” = Charge you ! Get DA from cleric or RUN, other people HIDE too ! Try to die in a corner.
“…pauses to catch his breath” = Breakneck stopped.
“…adopts a stationary stance” =
Breakneck becomes rooted again. Tanks move back.


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