MMM – Named 2 – Tactical Prototype XVII (Battle Event in the chess room)

MMM – Named 2 – Tactical Prototype XVII (Battle Event in the chess room)

The chessboard have 12 yellows , 12 red , 12 green , 10 white and 10 black squares. Also have 12 drones.
At start of the fight, drones move randomly to the chessboard. They can be moved by 3 simply command :
/say right .
/say Left .
/say Forward .
Drones start to move to the chess board at 90 %.

PROTOTYPE STRATEGY (partial tips not to deflorate the fun)

Basically 3 stances, Aggressive / Balance / Defensive.

Red makes the boss flurry. Prototype flurries when a mob is on a red square.
If Prototype is in aggressive mode, everyone needs to back off. Tank needs to back away too and just get summoned, rinse and repeat till he switches back.

Green creates drones’ adds
Prototype spawns 1 add for every drone on a green square.
Move the adds yellow / white to avoid adds.

You need to move the drones to the called color, or more drones will pop on your raid. When adds pop , they pop from named and first player they rush isn’t the MT close to him, but the player who is moving the Drones at the Chessboard.

Blue cause an AE
6 levers have to be pressed to avoid a ae/effect but can only do 1 per minute.
For the AE, has to take care one VIRAL STUN, for VIRAL MEANS IT CAN SPREAD THE WHOLE RAID! Trigger for “a bolt of energy surges through you” .. this is a viral stun, if you get it you have a few ticks to move away from the raid. Wait it off again then run back in (the strategy that is used on the Sullon Zek raid)
A few random people will get that once in awhile.

White means balance fight

Yellow changes the prototype stance.
Prototype has 3 stances agrressive, balance and defensive. Each is like a warrior’s disc. Agressive he hits for more, but takes more damage, and so on. Can change his stance by moving a mob onto a yellow square.


4 engineers pop at 75%. If you kill them, they repop.


3 Responses to “MMM – Named 2 – Tactical Prototype XVII (Battle Event in the chess room)”

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  2. Just to note. With recent changes to Bards. Highsun is gone. So the Highsun the engineers method. is therefore gone.

  3. Is there any more info out there for this event available? This event is one of the most intricate and difficult events I have ever taken part in. We are struggling with it.

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