MMM – Named 4 – Seneschal Bargangle Tinkerson (Steam Stage room)

MMM – Named 4 – Seneschal Bargangle Tinkerson (Steam Stage room)

Event is triggered by agroing the Assistant outside the room. He runs in to where Geartop is on stage.

Phase 1
Kill Assistant first. and then Geartop. As stated previously he spawns tinytops every minute or so. Adds are stunnable but if you cannot Kill quick enough they power up and are no longer mez/stunable.

Phase 2
At 80% first robot activates. Kill it before Geartop goes to 60%.
At 60%, the 2nd one activates.
Kill 2nd robot and and kill Geartop afterward

Phase 3
After Geartops death Tinkerson comes into the room and rush on the stage. Let tank to bring into a corner and start dpsing.
It AERP hard, max melee range !
Around 50-60% or so on Senchal he will begin to overheat as well. Cold/Fire spell may not working when it goes overheat.
There are RED con and WHITE con mechanical gnomes about the room who are inactive.
Brownie spawns these. KILL those brownies! if your guild has a good dps, disc them if you are lacking dps!!
It is easier to kill them instead of kiting as when time pass…
Randomly they will drop off your target window. When this happens he is going to go activate 2 of these robots.
White con are mezable and MEZ THEM asap OR your raid will take a MASSIVE AE mana drain.
They are stunable and can chain stun those while you kill them if your guild rather kill them than keep them mez locked.
Red con can be snare kited or killed your choice.
If you are unfortunate you can get “UNCONTROLABLE” types to spawn. They cant mez and they cant be snared. If its a white con one it absolutely has to be burnt to the ground immediatly or face the massive mana drain which is enough to drain 18k mana in 1 AE.
The uncontrolable also hit harder and flurry. **Wipe here** if you didnt kill fast enough

Phase 4
Once your around that mess at 10% on Senchals life he himself will AE mana drain and its best to start a burn on him at 15-20%.

Adds will not be depop/deactivate upon Tinkerson death, kill the brownie makes event easier.


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