Secret of Faydwer – Meldrath the Malignant

Secret of Faydwer – Meldrath the Malignant 

This is a 54 person raid event located in Meldrath’s Majestic Mansion.

If you die in this event, a mob will spawn like in VTF event (DoN). Skeletons depop when the dead character is rezzed.

On one side of the room is an object that looks like a tombstone that is targetable and attackable. 3 groups must be assigned to attack his tombstone and burn it down as fast as possible and keep it down to as close to zero as they can. The tombstone regenerates health and spawns skeleton adds throughout the event. These skeletons can be mezzed but they have to be killed or you end up with LOTS of skeletons in the raid. Paladins are the preferred tanks for these skeletons and dps has to stop burning the tombstone down to help kill kill them.

Emote: “turns toward you” = run away from your raid
Thats a strong AE that focus on a target character. You need to kill the robot that snares you. Robot AE stopped when 30% health.

1- Engaging Meldrath / Killing his pet
Pull Pet single,DPS it. Med up and prep for MMM have everyone but MT & healers at the Tiki. Status ready to burn it down when MMM is pulled. After that leave 1 to 2 groups to keep it down. Rest go and kill MMM. There are some adds to deal with mezz off tank or kite.

2- Kill Meldrath / Kill the clockwork repairers
Once Meldrath’s dog is dead, you can begin to kill Meldrath. At 40% HP, 2 clockwork repairers spawn and try to repair Meldrath. All of the DPS focused on Meldrath has to switch to target and fast kill these repairers. If any of them reach Meldrath, they will heal him for 20% HP. From 40% HP until Meldrath is dead, repairers will pop and repop.

3- Breakneck Master of Arms, Brinda Sprocket, Krond The Longhorn, Bargangle Tinkerson
Pick them one by one. Krond is mezzable. Once All are dead MMM becomes active.

4- Meldrath The malignant
Engage MMM. Kill the robots as they pop. Burn down Stream Robot every time it pops. DPS MMM all the way.


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