Omens of War (OoW) – Muramite Proving Grounds (MPG) – Trial of Corruption

Omens of War – Muramite Proving Grounds Trials

6 trials to be flagged to the Citadel of Anguish.


Gather your force at Muramite Proving Grounds zone in. Buff up. Assign a ‘Main Assist’ and clear to the Projection of Power. Use the time involved in clearing up to the Projection by setting up group arrangements. (CoH bots can cut down clear time alot, also, invis as far as ”6way” camp or Riftseeker zone cuts down clear time aswell)

For this trial you will require each tank to be paired with a healer. Ideal groups /1. Tank 2. Healer 3. Slower 4. Dps 5. Dps 6. Dps. Hail the projection and say [Corruption] Zone in.

Gather your raid force between pedestal 5 and 6.


To slay 3 waves of npc raid forces.Upon hailing one of the npc’s, the 6 mobs will aggro your raid force. Once all slain, 12 more npcs will pop at the zone in, charging the raid within two ticks. The killing of this wave will trigger the final force of 18 to spawn, who also will charge the raid. Slaying the 3 waves will result in a win. Each wave will consist of a random make up of the following classes :
Enchanters will mezz up to 3 of your force and will also charm one. They tend to charm a cleric, depriving yourself of a healer and gaining themselves a Complete Heal Bot.
Wizards: Will PBAE nuke making battle rezzes hard.
Necromancers: Dmg over time spells will rain down upon your force.
Clerics: Will complete heal any low health NPC, making it extremely hard to drop targets.
Warriors: Biggest hp and a decent dps output makes these a threat.
Monks: Will FD once when low health and ‘Mend’ themselves to around 50% Hp, there decent melee dps makes this a pain.
Rogues: The problem of the event. They will shadowstep and memblur themselves, jumping from target to target, backstabbing for 2500 and hitting for 2k fast. These are nasty and extremely hard to offtank. Killing these first is the way to go.


For the first wave, the spawns are static within the zone and can be pre-assigned. Designate a Main Assist. Assign tanks to any Monks, Warriors or Rogues. As these are the hardest hitters. The order the ‘Main Assist’ should kill the npcs is this, Rogues – Enchanters – Monks – Warriors – Intelligence Casters and finally Clerics.

Assign a paladin to each cleric to stun its heals. If low on paladins, make sure each Cleric is mala’d and tash’d and your Enchanters to PBAE stun(Colour Cloud line). (Note: this is dangerous as the enchanter may get aggro from mass mobs)

The Enchanters are the second threat of this raid as they can tie up alot of your force, to combat this send your Enchanters to tash the enemy Enchanters, PBAE stunning them. Holding them off the main force for long enough to drop the Rogues.

Possible Rogue Names : Texur Shadowprey / Verigne Swiftshadow / Ghurah / Quohme Meadra / Steelshadow / Mazzie Melkhor

Have your tanks set up hotkeys, /tar to make for easy targetting in the chaos of this event. Announcing your target in Rsay so that all tanks know that its offtanked and may look for another Rogue. Once rogues are all down, move on the Enchanters dealing with them swiftly, then the warriors followed by monks. then mop up the int casters finally finishing with clerics.

Tips for Corruption.

At the end of wave 1 and 2, have a Paladin offtank the final Cleric while the rest of the raid meds and rezzes any dead. The time limit on this event is a large one, make full use of it. Make sure that your tanks are at the front of the force, ready to intercept the NPC raid as they charge from the zone in. Casters can put there backs to the wall of the central pedestal making it hard on the NPC Rogues to backstab them. A clever Ranger or two could pull a few PBAE’ing wizards away from the main force and offtank them out of range.


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