Omens of War (OoW) – Muramite Proving Grounds (MPG) – Trial of Hate

Omens of War – Muramite Proving Grounds Trials

6 trials to be flagged to the Citadel of Anguish.


Gather your force at Muramite Proving Grounds zone in. Buff up. Assign a ‘Main Assist’ and clear to the very north of the zone where the Projection of Mind awaits. Use the time involved in clearing up to the Projection by setting up group arrangements. (CoH bots can cut down clear time alot, also, invis as far as ”6way” camp or Riftseeker zone cuts down clear time aswell)

You will require groups 1 to 6 all to have one tank + one range aggroing melee, ideally a knight or ranger, with a bard being possible if desperate. Place one healer in grps 1 to 6 also, clerics ideal with top druid or shamans if very low on clerics. The other 3 groups are to be filled with one ”lesser” healer + the rest of the raid.
Ideal Group Set up, groups 1-6 : 1.Warrior 2.Knight 3.Cleric 4.Secondary Healer 5.Slower 6.Reserve Melee to tank or range aggro (Ranger/Bard). Hail the projection and say [Hate] to obtain the mission. Zone in.

Pull the raid over to the bottom of the ramp that leads up onto the central platform and explain the event script and strat.

Script :

Upon saying [Begin] to the Master of Hate, the Voracious Feran will start to randomly spawn adds, of which there is 3 types.

6 Voracious Feran will be rooted on each of the smaller platforms.
Feeble Direpup , level 68, procs ‘Lash Out’ (-450 Chromatic) a 4kdd on non-plate classes and a 4sec stun.Ferocious Direpup, level 68, procs ‘Lash Out’ (-450 Chromatic) a 4kdd on non-plate classes and a 4sec stun.Pliant Direpup, level 68, procs ‘Lash Out’ (-450 Chromatic) a 4kdd on non-plate classes and a 4sec stun.The objective of this trial is to kill the 6 Voracious Feran and then defeat The Master of Hate.

Each time an add from a Voracious Feran dies, the ”Mother” who spawned it loses some health. With an increase rate of adds the lower her health gets.

Strategy :

Position group 1 to 6 in front of the corresponding ”Mother”. Have the range aggroer, knight ideally,(Ranger is possible) to range aggro the mother. This will ensure that the ”Baby” add she pops will charge towards who ever has aggro. If its a knight has aggro from range, there will be no Lash Out procage. When adds pop and charge the knight, have warrior taunt off and tank. When an add pops, someone in that group should announce in rsay ”ADD AT # !!” so that the 3 flowing freerange groups are aware and can come over and help kill. Announcing the adds in rsay also lets the dps be aware of platforms that have more than one add and are in desperate need of offtanks and dps to help. DO NOT: Under no circumstances should you dps the ”Mothers”, this is the ”trick” or ”trap” of this trial, being overrun with adds, just keep full dps on the adds and you will beat the Feran stage of the event.

When a Feran Mother dies, have the warrior from that plaform, move up onto the centre platform and be ready for the Master of Hate to become active. Once all the Voracious Feran have died, The Master of Hate will become active, your warriors should of been in position and ready to instant aggro him upon awakening.

The Master of Hate

Single Rampages, assign a beefy warrior to ramp tank, assign healers for him also. This masters dps goes up over time, at first he will hit for as little as 2k, but the longer he stays on one target the higher his hits will go up. Maxing out at 7k per hit.

Strategy :

Quickly upon gaining aggro, pull the master from the central platform and begin walking him around the centre. Have your clerics edge forward from the ramp and position themselves on the centre platform where the Master was previously standing. Dps and warrior should push the Master in a complete circle, over and over untill dead.

Tips for Master of Hate:
His dps will increase as time goes on, save defensive for later on in the fight. Strong healing on the ramp tank will make this event easier. Move the clerics to the top of the ramp leading to centre platform before last ”Mother” has died, to make for easy moving to centre platform once clear. Warriors should be ready and waiting for the Master when he awakens. If Master changes target and unleashes a round of dmg on that target, his dmg over time increaser resets, so if needed, ae taunt , tank switch can be used.


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