Omens of War (OoW) – Muramite Proving Grounds (MPG) – Trial of Adaptation

Omens of War – Muramite Proving Grounds Trials

6 trials to be flagged to the Citadel of Anguish.


Gather your force at Muramite Proving Grounds zone in. Buff up. Assign a ‘Main Assist’ and clear to the Projection of Realms. Use the time involved in clearing up to the Projection by setting up group arrangements. (CoH bots can cut down clear time alot, also, invis as far as ”6way” camp or Riftseeker zone cuts down clear time aswell). For the trial you will require a solid ”offtank” group. Ideal Offtank Group : 1.Knight 2.Healer 3.Slower 4.2nd Knight 5.2nd Healer 6.Misc

Hail the projection and say [Adaptation] to obtain the mission. Zone in.Pull the raid over to the bottom of the ramp that leads up onto the central platform and explain the event script and strat.

Script :

Upon saying [Begin] to Master of Adaptation, he will spawn into one of five forms for a set amount of time. The lower the mobs hitpoints, the less time spent in each form. Ending with the last 10% form changes comming every 20-30secs as apposed to the solid 2-3mins you get in the first form. Deal with each one of the 5 forms with a differant strategy. Once boss is dead, trial is won. The first form is always Pain, after that though, its random.

Construct of Pain
Doesn’t rampage. Flurries. High Dps output. Weak to piercing.

Construct of Brutality
Ae rampage. High Dps output. Weak to Slashing.

Construct of Fire:
AE’s: Gaze of the Pyrilen – 1: Decrease Hitpoints by 1250 per tick 2: Decrease Mana by 150 per tick 3: Increase Curse Counter by 36 (Fire -375) Weak against Spell damage. Spawns 1 ”A Lick of Flame” Level 70, which hits for 3k but is stunnable.

Construct of Ice
AE’s: Breath of the Gelidran – 2: Decrease HP when cast by 2000 3: Decrease Endurance by 500 4: Decrease Movement by 30% (Cold -375) Reflects all Spell damage. Spawns 1 ”A Mote of Ice” Level 70, which hits for 2500 but is Charmable.

Construct of Power
Weak against Blunt. Spawns 5 ”A Diminutive Construct” Level 65, Mezzable. Hit for 2k. High Dps output.


(White:Healers, Green:Offtanks, Blue:Enchanters)

Place your raid at the top of the ramp leading up onto the central platform. Position half your offtanks and half your enchanters at the top of the ramp leading to the centre platform, this is the only route to your clerics and thus is the best place to wait for adds that may slip past the CC’ing of the other half of your Enchanter team and Offtank Group. Have a warrior [Begin] the trial, spawning the first change, this will be ”A Contruct of Pain”. Move the clerics to the eastside of the platform. Walk the mob north and south on the east side of the zone, so as to not out of range the mob from the heals of the clerics. For Construct of Pain form, have the raid activate all piercing disciplines. This inclues Trueshot from rangers. Go full out dps on this section.

The next changes are totally random and cannot be predicted, so what follows is indivual strats for each form.

Power: Have the enchanter hit their PBAE Mezzes, ‘Circle of Dreams’ or ‘Word of Morell’ when the 5 golem adds pop. Single target mezz what ever ones slip out of range of the PBAE. Once locked down, hold them mezzed untill a new form change at which point they depop. If any slip through your PBAE and charge the healers, you should have a second enchanter at the top of the ramp waiting for them. Knights can use non-dmging aggro spells to keep the golems attention untill mezzed. But aslong as Enchanter positioned by the mob is alert, he should catch them all.

Brutality: This mob will AE rampage alot, the force should back off and use ”Max Melee” range to avoid taking damage. Whilst switching to Slash weapons for max dps.

Ice: This mob is fully reflective to nukes, so casters should stop nuking. He pops an add, that can be charmed, Enchanters may use the AA ”Edict of Command” to charm this level 70 mob and turn it on the Construct for max dps.
Knights can gain the adds aggro to buy time for Enchanters to charm. If charm failed, offtank the add untill form change at which point it will depop. Ice has an AE, judgement call is needed if your force needs a mass groupbuff heal over time from a cleric to deal with the DD. The more potent effect of this AE is the snare effect, that makes chasing the add if it aggros the clerics impossible. Thus the second offtank should be alert on ice and be ready to intercept on top of the ramp.

Fire: Will spawn an add, ”Lick of Flame” that must be offtanked, is stunnable, so i suggest a paladin to perma stun it to reduce its 3k per hit Dps. The AE has a dmg over time element to it, hit a mgb heal over time and Remove Greater Curse it from your lesser geared members.

Tips for Master of Adaptation

Splitting your CC teams (Ench +Knights) so that half is with raid at mob as first line of defence, with second half as back up at top of ramp gives you two shots at stopping the adds killing your healers. Whatever form pops up, have a hotkey ready to announce it to raid and then react fast to whatever each form demands of you. Walking the mob with skill to increase dps will make this event easier. Only charm with the AA ”Edit of Command” the mote of ice ws very resistant and other charms won’t hold for long enough.


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