Secret of Faydwer – Bloodmoon Orc Illusion Mask

Secret of Faydwer – Bloodmoon Orc Illusion Mask

Noticeable Rewards

Spiritlight Earring

Reconstructed Wereorc Head


25 tasks in Loping Plains :

The Cursed Saddlery (Dannie HighWind in Loping Plains)
Hail Dannie Highwind to get the task ; hail him again and he wanders over to the saddlery. Follow invis him, then when he stops in the middle of the corral area, IVU yourself ; run over and and hail him for a task update. He then wanders back to his spawn point and you can pull 10 of the ‘a cursed remnant’ (no faction hit) at your leisure. Once 10 are dead, the task updates and the next stage is to kill ‘Shade of Darniel Highwind’. Pull him from the western stable and kill (no faction hit). He drops 6 of ‘Highwind Sewing Needle’. Hand one of the needles to Dannie Highwind to complete the task.

The Lost Husband (Babelyina at camp in Loping Plains)
Tissidrelle is located at 1926, 720, 199 at the north most bridge. You can approach them while invis and get this. When you approach Tissidelle you hear this conversation: Tissidrelle Windracer says ‘So I’ve heard that some wereorcs have found some straglers roaming around the southern end of their territory.’ Patron of the Arts says, ‘I have heard the same news. I hope that these rumors end up being false because their prisoner would have very time left.’ ; Fadnare is lying on the ground at -1622, -1237, 38 in the middle of a wereorc camp that is directly west of the Steamfont zone in ; Orcs do not see invis ; Hail Fadnare while invised ; Hail Babelyina ; Your faction standing with Fang Breakers got better!

The Daring Rescue (Babelyina in Loping Plains)
Hail Fadnare when you’re not invisible. 4 ambushers spawn at 4 spots around the edges of the camp, single pull ; kill them ; Hail Babeliyna.

Gathering From the Goblins (Eliowil in Loping Plains)
Loot 10 Crates of Supplies from Drangol goblins ; give him back

Fight of Flight (JunWin in Loping Plains)
Kill 20 goblins

Enemy of an Enemy if my Friend (JunWin in Loping Plains)
Loot 3 Drangol Insignia from Drangol goblins ; Plant the Insignia at different locations : “a snoring Bloodmoon orc” is 2631, -3133 ; “a resting Bloodmoon orc” is 2392, -1185 ; “a sleeping Bloodmoon orc” is 1219, -2346 ; Hail JunWin back

Rebuilding-Ore (Ryveron in Loping Plains)
Loot 10 Marble Ore from minotaurs and deliver them

Rebuilding-Wood (Ryveron in Loping Plains)
Loot 10 Pile of Wood from treants and deliver them

Rebuilding-Clay (Ryveron in Loping Plains)
Loot 10 Mound of Clay from restless alligators and deliver them

Reducing the Threat-Worgs (Tyrinam in Loping Plains)
Kill 20 worgs

Reducing the Threat- Wereorcs (Tyrinam in Loping Plains)
Kill 20 wereorcs

Reducing the Threat- Goblins (Tyrinam in Loping Plains)
Kill 20 Drangol goblins

The Lost Necklace (Mengryl in Loping Planes)
Find Mengryl’s necklace, a Rusted Necklace dropped six at a time by some vampires in the Decaying Caves

Taking Back the Night (Aendurel Tethandras in Loping Plains)
Kill 12 Shadowmane werewolves and Vanquish Lieutenant Kulthar ; Kill 12 Bloodmoon Orcs and Vanquish Orrel the Blood Mystic

Victim of the Minotaurs (Fortunisa Nighthunter in Loping Plains)
Find the marble mines at +500, +600 ; Kill 15 Minotaurs in the mines. 0/15 (Loping Plains)
Search for Faende moving plain east into the mines; his corpse is in the last room ; Hail Fortunisa back

Worked to the Bone (Vendarg Brittlebrew in Loping Plains)
Find the Decaying Caverns (vampire caves) ; kill 12 vampires ; run a little through the caves to complete the map

The Lost Elves (Aendor Mistvale in Loping Plains)
For the 4 missing elves, you will need to walk near its untargetable corpse to trigger the corresponding Fallen Spirit. Kill them and they drop 6 compass each ; Gifilnos Blightfire`s corpse spawns Fallen Spirit of Gifilnos, at +445, +580, +30 ; Wendia Mistwalker’s corpse spawns Fallen Spirit of Wendia, at 0, +3140, +350 ; Tawln Lightbane’s corpse spawns Fallen Spirit of Tawln, at -2500, +1390, +60 ; Valarine Windwalker’s corpse spawns Fallen Spirit of Valarine, at -45, -650, +115 ; deliver the 4 compass back

Evaluate Bloodmoon (Donart Rithkin in Loping Plains)
Run around.

Contact the Bloodmoon Slaves (Donart Rithkin in Loping Plains)
Kill some guards

Contact the Bloodmoon Spirits (Donart Rithkin in Loping Plains)
Find the first room of the old elven temple ; Speak with 15 spirits ; those who aggro you can kill them ; Kill 5 Blight Speakers ; Kill 5 Elvish Ghosts ; Kill 5 Shadow Priests

What Do the Worgs Eat?
Get Worg Food poison (10 charges of pour poison) and

What Do the Spiders Eat?
Get Worg Food poison (10 charges of pour poison) an

Spiritvoid Earring Prerequisite (Bloodmoon Keep)
Kill in Bloodmoon Keep and when you loot a random “Spiritvoid Earring”, the task starts automatically.

Spiritvoid Earring (Donart Rithkin in Bloodmoon Keep)
Hail Acolyte Emyria (located near Falstaff in the ghost wing of Bloodmoon Keep) ; kill 15 Bloodmoon Orcs ; Hail an elf slave and hail back Acolyte Emyria

Calming the Spiritvoid Earring (Acolyte Emyria in Bloodmoon Keep)
Give your spiritvoid earring to Acolyte Emyria ; kill some spirits & ghosts in the undead area of Bloodmoon ; Go back to Emyria and Hail

Repairing the Spiritvoid Earring (Acolyte Emyria in Bloodmoon Keep)
Find the Mines within Bloodmoon Keep (in the hall between the jailers’ room and the mining pit) ; Acquire one of the Mining tools (ground spawn in the rooms off the pit area. They look like mining picks on the floor) ; Mine some of the Mithril Ore 1 (near a miner between the two rocks that are on the SW corner of the pit edge right after you come out of the tunnel from the Jailer area) ; Mine some of the Mithril Ore 2 (Next to a miner in the hall leading to room west off main room before the door) ; Mine some of the Mithril Ore 3 (At the top of the wooden ramp, next to a miner in the north middle of main room) ; Mine some of the Mithril Ore 4 (Next to a miner in the northwest corner of the northeast room off the pit area, the one with 3 statics) ; Hail Acolyte Emyria ; combine the 4 pieces of ore in the Glenfallow Consecrated Forge at 680, 540, 87 (near acolyte) to create Refined Dweric Mithril Ore. No skill needed ; Create Spiritlight Earring by combining the earring and Refined Dweric Mithril Ore in any jewelry kit. No skill needed.

Final Combine

U will get 8 items as task rewards :

Wereorc’s Left Cranial Fragment
Wereorc’s Right Cranial Fragment
Wereorc’s Maxillary Fragments
Wereorc’s Left Mandibular Fragment
Wereorc’s Right Mandibular Fragment
Handful of Wereorc Fangs
Runed Wereorc Skin
Pair of Glowing Wereorc Eyes

Purchase a Bloodmoon Taxidermy Kit from Derak Fangbreaker (indifferent or amiably faction needed) ; combine 8 task rewards result in your very own Reconstructed Wereorc Head.


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