Secret of Faydwer – Big Bynn I Return

Secret of Faydwer – Big Bynn’s Return Event

From Falrazim, a drake in the NW caves of Dragonscale Hills.
behind him is a steel door to enter the zone, talk to TinMizer inside to trigger the event.


He hits 2k-8k damages.
If slowed, 2-3 clerics’ heals is enough.
During the event, it will randomly teleport 1 group to the small side room.


The Small Side Room

Five clockworks (Crystal-O-Matic) there pop when Big Bynn I is engaged and at 90% health, then pop 5 white crystals each 10% health (aka 80% / 70% 60% etc). Each crystal has 100 to 150k HP. You nee to kill these 5 crystals asap on 30 seconds timer, or Big Bynn I will eat them. At 90% health, if he eats them, he recovers 5% to 10% HP. After that, each time he eats 5 crystals’ pack, Big Bynn I will cast his AE faster and faster

The small room have a permanent AE effect (Powergut Shockwaves ) : DD 2k, dot 2k hp 300 mana, less state 100, slow 80% move, 2min 30sec. ; Your group needs to kill all crystals on small room on 2 min 30 sec, and can assist raid out of the small room. If time is over, your group will get an AE effect (Powergut Shockwave Recourse ) DT 90k hp. ; do not waste your time killing the small rats inside the room, just focus and kill all the 5 crystals then leave it and train small rats to the raid force.

The AEs

6 kinds of AE will burst out if Big Bynn I eats his crystals at each step :90% : Blaze of Glory (fire AE dd 12k dam) : Shiverspine (ice AE dd 6k dam, dot 6kdam + 2 ticks, slow move 90%, slow spell cast 50%, less 1hb dmg 50%)

70% : Skyslam (dd 4k5 dam, drain mana 4k5, drain endu 1k, stun 5 sec, it is like single dd)

60% : Frenzied Breath (disease AE dd 6k4 dam, dot 6k4 dam + 3 ticks, less 1hb dmg 80%)

50% : Fetid Stench (disease AE dd 6k5 dam, 1 min dot hp 3250, drain mana 1k2, drain endu 300, stats -100, disease resist check -415) ; this AE can be cured by RC or spell cure ; can be easily resisted if you have disease resist 600+.

40% : When Sparks Fly (AE dd 3k dam, dot 3k dam, drain mana 3k + 2 ticks, silence, root, add your 1hb dmg 80%) ; it is Big Bynn I stronger AE.

The Strategy

Assign 2 MT+ 1 shm + 3 cle on 1 group, then assign in each group a healer and dps.
Make 2-3 MA, and make each MA be assisted by 2-3 groups of dps
Assisting each MA, fast kill 2-3 crystal, then All assist kill crystal 4 ; let Big Bynn I eat the 5th crystalwith no incidence but the AE recast speed, that can be stand by the raid force. Do not let the named eat 2+ crystals, or your raid will have to CR 80% of its members. At 40% health, use all your spell DD dps on it, because the AE “When Sparks Fly” will silence + root + drain mana the raid, and nobody will have any mana left for some time ; from now on, prepare & use MGB AE HOT.

All cle try to stick around their dps’s group, so that you can use group heals.
Do not use 1hb weapons when Big Bynn I HP is between 100%-50%, to avoid the ice & disease AEs that will lessen your 1hb dam  50% and 80%. When Big Bynn I reaches 40% HP, and has cast his AE “When Sparks Fly” (silence AE), you can now put your 1hb on, because the AE empowers your 1hb dmg 80%.

The resume

The event key is dps.
When crystal pop, all ppl need assist his MA and go kill the first 4 crystals, and leave the named eat the 5th one.


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