Secret of Faydwer – Meldrath’s Majestic Mansion Access

Shared information from the boards. Credit goes to the original posters.

The Tasks

Find NPC Gimblefixx in Dragonscale Hills zone.

Step 1: “Find the rest of the mysterious item…”
Kill minotaurs in dragonscale hills untill you get these 3 drops :
Crank Handle with Silver Figurine
Small Silverthread Sack
Small Silver Clockwork Device

Once you have these 3 drops turn all 3 into Gimblefixx at once, you should get a “clockwork key”

Step 2: “Find out what the key guards”
go to King Akanon on the map, to get into his shake put the key on your cursor and hit the “U” key to open the door, talk to him and turn in the key, say LEAVE to exit his shake, and UPDATE TASK.

Step 3: “Speak to Gimblefixx”
Hail Gimblefixx

Step 4: “Speak with the Clockwork Warmashal”
Zone over to Fortress Mechanotus, and talk to clockwork warmarshal, his in the mini camp by zone in.

Step 5: “Speak with Gurtrude the Spymaster and tell her “Warmashal sent you”
In another tent you will find gurtrude, ” /say warmarshal sent you ” (NOT ‘ME’ it’s ‘YOU’) and go through her text.

Step 6: “Locate Gurtrude’s Missing Spy”
Run over to S.H.I.P. and inside go up the elevator, go up the ramp in first room to the top, in the middle you will find a door with a door behind it that has another ramp, go up this, once at top, find another room in the middle section with a double door and ramp going up, at the top to the right is a door that should be leading to the outside, once outside go right around the corner and you should see “an injured spy” hail this to get an item, Zone out and go back to Gurtrude in Fortress Mechanotus.

Step 7: “Return to Gurtrude with the Document”
Turn the spys document from injured spy to gurtrude in fort mech.

Step 8: “Deliver at least two more document samples from the towers”
Two drops needed, one is in Gryospire Beza, one is in Gyrospire Zeka, both are from a named that is white con to 80, the only white con to 80 named in the entire zone, drops 6 pieces each, need one from each of those two zones. Turn in the two items to gurtrude from Beza/Zeka. — From Allazhazam, “Technician Masterwork in Gyrospire Zeza and Engineer Gyrzim in Gyrospire Beza are your targets. Both drop Document Samples which must be brought to Gurtrude.” —

Step 9: “Give the scrap metal and the clockwork seal to Gurtrude”
Get scrap metal from fort and turn in the seal with it.

Step 10: “Speak with Clockwork Warmarshal”
Talk to Clockwork Warmarshal.

How to use the Key to zone into MMM

You will need to stand at the MMMansion’s front door and use the key until you have aligned each portion of the eight teeth. After you have set a tooth, if you wait five seconds, the mechanotimer will switch the key to the next tooth. Once you have clicked the door to see if it has been configured properly the key will either open the door, or reset the key back to the first tooth of the key.

Process to set your key at the MMM door

Click Door… note number incorrect
Click the key twice, pause 3 seconds
Repeat this 7 times
Click the key once (changing slot)
Click the door
Do you have Less incorrect? then slot 8 is now correct
Do you have more incorrect? repeat the above only clicking slot 8 once, and change slot 8 back to what it was previously
Click door, note number incorrect
If slot 8 is now correct.. then repeat above, 6 times, and click slot 7 once
etc..etc.. all the way down to slot 1

On the final click it will zone you in, and add it to your keyring. You can bank the key once you have zoned in at least once. If your really lucky and get ” 8 are incorrect ” , then click the key once, pause 3 secs, click key again,, etc,, all the way up to slot 8, and your done.


4 Responses to “Secret of Faydwer – Meldrath’s Majestic Mansion Access”

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  2. When doing step 6, also get from Gertrude the task “Disrupt the Workshop” .. when you zone into SHIP, get a disguise from Steamwork Spy MK-I at the zone in by hailing him. As long as you are in this disguise and have regular invis up, nothing will bother you. Any that see thru invis will like you because of the disguise. You do not have to finish this task, just use it to get step 6 completed for the MMM key.

  3. Level requirement changed from 71-80 to 80-80. So for those hopping to do prior to 80 like myself be warned.

  4. level requirement is 75

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