Secret of Faydwer – Spells 76-80

Spells, Tomes, AA abilities for level 76-80

from this nice robot from Kumbaja (Antonius bayle), found by Masters (The Nameless)
Thank you to you both, guys.
Click on the links below…

Bard Spells Levels 76-80
Berserker Tomes Levels 76-80
Druid Spells Levels 76-80
Magician Spells Levels 76-80
Necromancer Spells Levels 76-80
Ranger Spells Levels 76-80
ShadowKnight Spells Levels 76-80
Warrior Tomes Levels 76-80
BeastLord Spells Levels 76-80
Cleric Spells Levels 76-80
Enchanter Spells Levels 76-80
Monk Tomes Levels 76-80
Paladin Spells Levels 76-80
Rogue Tomes Levels 76-80
Shaman Spells Levels 76-80
Wizard Spells Levels 76-80


4 Responses to “Secret of Faydwer – Spells 76-80”

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  2. Would be really nice if we knew what mobs spells are dropping from and where…a few I have heard: Bite RkI and Growl of Puma, Hills of Shade at Crow Camp…Peerless Penchant RK2, Gyrosprire Zeka…Tome or Horrow, Steam factory off trash…=)

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  4. Anyone knows which is the order on Berserker tomes from rune turn ins from 76-80?

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