Seeds of Destruction – The Grand Illusion (Ancient Iksar Clicky item)

Seeds of Destruction – The Grand Illusion (Ancient Iksar Clicky item)

Talk to phara dar to get the grand illusion and 4 sub task in order to do this quest.

The Skull of the Ancient : find a suitable skull for Phara Dar’s illusion
Go to the modern day field of BONE (the newbie zone) and head to the ruins around the zoneline to kaesora you will find a skeletal commander Koth wandering around (roughly a 30min repop after killed). He is pretty easy and hits for around 2.1k

Idle Hands : Search for an iksar necromancer of great power
Theres a building with skeletons outside of it just a little NW of Phara dar. (Loc -1009, 734, -22) Inside Shade Tharoff spawns (only during certain hours of the day but he was always there whenever I went). Hail him and follow his dialouge for the task update.
Find Tharoff’s remains at loc -1622, -400, -45. They are in a room heavily guarded by a lot of mobs. If you attempt to open them you will get an emote saying they cannot be opened while there are guards around. HOWEVER IF SOMEONE WHO DOES NOT HAVE THIS TASK TRIES OPENS THE BONES IT WILL WORK, so to avoid clearing the room you can have someone else open the bones for you then you can just train your way to looting them. This is probably a bug. Looting the bones updates the task, give the hand you loot to Phara dar to complete the quest.

Evil Afoot : Retrieve the foot of Grand Master Marthor
At -2037, -274, -50 are the Remains of Master Marthor (a container) guarded by two iksar masters. The masters seem to be unsplitable as agroing one always seems to bring the other. You are supposed to kill them, but just like with the last task if someone else who DOESN’T HAVE THE TASK tries to open the bones it will work, you can then just train away the masters and loot. looting the foot updates the task, hand it in to Phara dar to finish.

Purify the body : Find an iksar ribcage
First you need to loot an iksar ribcage, it can drop off any iksar or any iksar skeleton mob in the zone. It’s not too rare but its a little more rare then the other pieces you will need to loot a little later.
Hand the ribcage to phara dar, you get told to see talendor.
Say “ribcage” to talendor for a task update, then hand him the ribs for a 2nd task update.
You need to kill iksar alchemists and loot a sebilisian fire from them. They spawn outside kurns tower in the area arond loc 513, 734, -22.
Hand the fire to talendor for an update. You then need to find some tar.
The tar drops from iksar skeletons in the zone. Theres lots of places you can find them in this zone.
hand the tar to talendor and he hands you back the ribs and tells you to find something called the “the living flames”. This part drove me crazy because there is no clue and its completely obscure on what you need to do. Go to the very NW corner of the zone, on a small island, the living flame will spawn between 11pm-2am game time. When you approach him you will get an update, then hand in the ribs for a 2nd update.
Give the ribs you receive back to phara dar to complete the quest.

When all 4 tasks are done hail phara again and you will receive your reward for the grand illusion.

Bone Mask of the Ancient Iksar
Slot: FACE
Charges: Unlimited
Effect: Illusion Ancient Iksar (Any Slot/Can Equip, Casting Time: 2.0)
WT: 0.3 Size: MEDIUM
Class: ALL
Race: ALL


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