Solteris – Event 4 – Astire, the Lunar Eclipse

Solteris – Event 4 – Astire, the Lunar Eclipse

Event starts with Astire + 4 guardians :

Guardian of the Fist (orc),
Guardian of the Staff (Gargoyle),
Guardian of the Sword (Trueborn), and
Guardian of the Spear (spider).

Its beyond the easiest event in this zone.

The biggest issue with the event is Astire’s AE : Bite of the Lycanthrope .
The AE hits people and turns them into a Wurine (wolf), makes them blind, silenced, rooted, and can not attack. This takes 4 corruption counters to cure. The audio trigger text for this is “You receive a vicious bite”. Until each person is cured of this very DoT, Astire is powered up. Cure fast to win.

Guardians have all the characteristics of things you have already met in EQ … For example the gargoyle guardian casts the stone spell which turns you into a gargoyle and must be cured or you take a DT (see DemiPlane).

Every 50 seconds, random add’s spawn that are clones of these Guardians until the particular guardian is killed (example, after the Orc guardian is dead, no more random orcs clones will spawn). Each guardian has its own migration to its names weapon type as well.


1- kill Guardian of the Spear asap as it casts “slow” to your raid.

2- Healers have to be proactive on this fight and be ready to cure at a moments notice.
People with the silence will look like dogs, so it’s easy to spot them and cure them. Throughout the event he gives emotes, saying basically which spells not to cast, poison/fire/magic/cold so on and so forth. Make sure you pay attention to those emotes. The rest is basically add control. Burn down Astire fast, and kill adds and Guardians at the end (Except for Spider guardian who should have been killed earlier in the fight to prevent continuous spell/atk slow

3-set 1 group for adds, 1 MA call for the guard with raid dps, set kiters for rest guards. Kill astire with raid ” watch for AE rampage ” set cleric near back of the room. Rez melee that cant read until astire dies, set 2 groups for adds until loot is done.

4- what we do is basically : have an add team taking care of event spawns , offtanks / kiters on the guardians and we dps astire till 50 % mark , at 50 % everyone minus 1 grp for adds and the offtanks / pallies full burn astire down so you get past the ramp partand kill him then we bring each guardian and kill him on his own , worked good for us so far. Kill the spider guardian and then have rogues on adds with one ma and rest of guild on astire. Without spider guardian spider adds stop spawning so kiters can’t get snared

Thanks to Funwha for this strategy !


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