Solteris – Event 5 – Irissa The Seer

Solteris – Event 5 – Irissa The Seer

At the start of the event, you have 4 portal attendants. They activate every 2 % of Irrissa’s life till 92% (I.E. 98 96 94 92). They spawn from left to right in the order of 1-3-2-4. They absolutely must be burned down asap, or else you face Irrissa powering up, his melee hits. (to 10-12k or more).

The Clones

Starting at 90% Irrissa starts spawning clones of himself, that need to be killed.

90% = 1 Clone
70% = 1 Clone
60% = 2 Clones (IE 3 Total Irrissa up at once and does hurt if not ready)
40% = 1 Clone
10% = 2 Clones.

Once at the 10% mark just burn the real down then handle the fakes after. The raid isnt over till both fakes are dead even if real is dead first.

There is a nasty dot as well that is done from emote based (emotes?). The person targeted by the emote needs to get away from the raid and take the dd/dot. If he stays in the raid area, everyone gets blasted with it.

Irrissa will phase in and out of the plane (Disappear and Respawn) during this emote. When she respawns, the tank who had the agro before the despawn is auto aggroed/summoned.


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