Solteris – Event 6 – Commodus

Solteris – Event 6 – Commodus

Quick Summary

Mez all adds, DPS kill Commodus, then come back clear adds. There will be around 10+ adds in the end.


When you start you pull the active Aspects. Designate groups for each one. There are two phases of the Aspects. You NEED to balance their HP. There is also a random Lifesap thing during the event so you need to really be watching dps. The Aspects do flurry, AE Rampage etc.

Take the Aspects to 50% and 5 more Aspects spawn. Balance them until all the aspects are dead. During the whole event, little goos will be spawning, have chanters mezz lock them. Then, there is this Fire Elemental Convergence that cast an AE stun etc. They will have a persons name under it (xxxxxx). You need to cast 3 different types of detrimental spells on them, so they don’t explode and stuff on the raid.
SWhen all the Aspects are dead, Commodus goes active. Its better to kill the last Aspect away from him (IE at the bottom of the ramp). You don’t want to wait too long before engaging Commodus, for enchanters still need to mez.

Pull commodus and tank him at the ramp, but careful not to rush him. Commodus does a Memblur that says something about surveying attackers or something, so watch agro… just burn him down from the start basically. Notice that Aspects will keep spawning after Commodus becomes active until he dies.

During the event 2 AE  are casted : Solar Strike ( Death Touch ) – Curable with Corruption spells and Ground Strike ( Slow/Knockback ) – don’t worry about curing it.


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