Solteris – Event 7 – Final Event : The Two Gods

Solteris – Event 7 – Final Event : The Two Gods


two gods: fake mayong actives.
Mayong 1st is fake. Cluster healers/dps together at bottom platform leading up where they are spawned, mayong despawns couple times during event, beam the bats (similar to redfang event). then he pops again after bats dead, repeat till mayong fake is killed. At Mayong fake death Solro activates burn him dead fast. At 75% solro hps mayong real pops at door (fort tank him, while 6 people click him to depower him. Split healers to spam Mayong tank. If sol and mayong are unbalanced hp wise mayong powers up and hits for 12ks. Fort through the powerupmode and burn it down. Also real mayong depops and bat crap and beam again. Every pop different group clicks the range item you loot in the zone (yellow stone) to depower him every bat beam and respawn. When mayong does emote lifts his sword everyone back off but MT (pets also) or you are DT. After event click title either daybringer prefix or suffix will now be yours.


Bane MAYONG with 5 banes, grps are set in grps of 5
-Make sure to redebuff Mayong on each reset/repop
-Ae mezzing, Ae stunning, Ae nuking, Rangers can HOA, these dervish adds, avoid and run away when they spawn every ONE MINUTE (need someone to time this)
-Has an emote “Solusek Ro gazes at <name>, if you do happen to get this, avoid this, run away from the raid
-Need to balance the 2 gods once their up. (10% threshold)

JOIN CHANNEL “Name of the channel” : Should be 54 people in there, adjust your hotkeys, grp leaders will not be baning/Wiz Grp 9 will NOT be baning

-Kill fake MM UPSTAIRS, then when it depops, move downstairs, to kill it, kill BOTH gods downstairs.Do a 4 CH rotation on fake MM.

GRP 1 = MM MAIN TANK ( 3 warrior, 3 cleric)
GRP 2 = Sol Ro MAIN TANK (3 warrior, 3 cleric)
GRP 3 = MM ADD/CC FFA (chanters, sks, paladins)
GRP 4 = Sol Ro ADD/CC FFA (chanters, sks, paladins)
GRP 5 = MM DPS (rogues mainly, berserkers, random monks)
GRP 6 = MM DPS (bard etc)
GRP 7 = Sol Ro DPS (rangers, some monks, etc)
GRP 8 = Sol Ro DPS (beastlords etc)
GRP 9 = Wizard team/CC, FFA


“Solusek Ro summons a ball of living flame and prepares to hurl it!” – Roughly 8-11 seconds after this emote, Solusek Ro summons adds, Wizards use Beam of Solteris to get rid of them. (Fire MGB Heal at this time as well) – Adds will go DIRECTLY for whomever Sol Ro has on target, pickup heals then.

“Mayong Mistmoore the Darkness ‘s hands flicker with corruption.” – Summons bat adds, Again use Wizards Beam of Solteris to get rid of them.

Use beam nukes (wizards, rangers) on them when they spawn. This generally takes care of them almost instantly. If it doesnt take care of them instantly then you have a issue with people being to spread out or running around stupid come time for bats/dervish to spawn. split MM and SolRo appart. Designate a spot for casters to stand in always and have melee shift to those spots each time the mobs are due to spawn. Burn them down and then head on back to your normal routine. Make sure shaman avoid droping that god damn idol right in the direct path of beam nukers to MM or Solro as it causes los issues.

There is always a chance your tank will die come time of Dervish or Bats due to the insain procs those mobs have (like 5k dd). The adds add a massive spike hit on the tank from time to time.

The banes…simply have 1 group bane him each time MM spawns. Have the bane order preset before start the event. Each time he changes to bats and then back, is the time you should bane him.


Group 1- 3 man fast heal rot (light/Remedy combo)
Group 2- 3 man fast heal rot (light/Remedy combo)

Everyone else watches health accordingly.


Last 2 people in zone are on rampage, have Pallies go to guildhall while buffing etc, and banner in before engage.

Atleast 3 tanks on each boss preferably. Occasionally one will be flung from Sol Ro, next tank needs to step up QUICKLY.


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