Solteris Progression : Task 3 Snakes Hiding Something

Speak with Tactician Sodut (Katta Castum -550, +108)
Phrase – “find out”

To enter the instance target Tactician Sodut and say “ready”. The zone in is safe, but do not move until the group is ready.
Kill the roaming Shissar.
Send a member with either IVU INVIS or SOS into the northern caves. You will need to get 2 task updates in here before moving on (stay a minute or two into the place for the 2d update).
Move down the west path. The animals (bugs & monkeys) do not aggro. Ignore them.
Make your way to the quarry. The quarry is the second move on the west side path. Some Shissars & golems have to be cleaned. The golems drop the “Schematic: Golem of Power” required. Kill in the temple until you loot their Schematic.


Next INVIS and head towards the temple to the far north directly across the zone in to get the update of the task. Several shissar scouts will be in the caves along with Lesstos Fintal (none have to be killed). You should be able to make your way into the temple and to the 2d floor without fighting. On the second floor you’ll need to kill a temple patroller (red for a level 75 & seeing invis) and loot a “Schematic: Pyramid” from him.

solt3-shissarpatroller.png A Shissar Patroller

With both Schematics in hand, INVIS back to the entrance.
Send a member into the caves just north to observe the shissar and get the last task update.
Zone out and hand the 2 Schematics to Tactician SODUT.
Hail him to finish the task.

Comments found on Aug 24th 2007 :
1. The mobs do not summon.
2. The mobs do not repop.
3. The mobs have a lot of hp. The shissar mobs have about twice the amount as the efreeti do in Atiiki.
4. Inside of the temple, the mobs quad over 2,600 dam
5. The shissar mobs all cast ranged a Direct Damage spell with an added effect, either a 1,600dam + 460 dam per second DD/DoT/snare or a Feign death DD. The feign death DD will surprise you.
6. The Golems have a ranged DD effect, 1,800 dam
7. The see invis mob in the temple that is also red to a level 75 should drop the temple schematics.
8. A good place to kite is south of the west path quarry.
9. Another good place to kite is east of the temple after you clear the two wanderers.
10. It is possible to do this without an enchanter. Just get a good puller/pullers (I recommend a Shadow Knight tank and monk/necro calling for adds if they appear).
11. At all costs, avoid getting an add.
12. Use the west path (the left path)
13. Animals are not KoS and they will not assist the shissar or golems.
NOTE TO FD CLASSES: when pulling, don’t get up from being FD once in the temple unless the “enemies have forgotten you” message appears. Wait the extra minute or your group will have to spend 30 minutes on a CR. Do not stand up with a patroller on the other side of a wall… It may aggro.


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