The berserker class – My walkthrough

The berserker class
My walkthrough up to levels / AAs / Quested items

Edit 18/07/2008

The berserker is level 76 now with 400ish AAs. I PLed him mainly in DragonScale Hills killing at the farm near Darwin, a NPC (great 3 tasks near on Sigglik to boost your xp – kill 12+20+10 bugs / scarecrows / crows). From 70 to 75, get like 3% AA per kill and add 40% AA at each end of task (which is very fast). The real nice thing about DSh is that you can reequip totally your BERS with elaborate defiant chain armors (even BP and legs) from trash mobs. Plus some unique items on 5 named nearby : Witchkin (snake name), King Musteef (puma), Dungore (bug), Bloodbeak (crows), Strawhanks (scarecrow). On the other side of the gnome farm, notice robots with 2 stronger named popping (Arachnotron and Fiddle D).

New hobby atm is to haunt Lower Guk to farm named as for the short-duration event til August 2008. The xp isnt that nice, but you can equip your BERS with nice armors and weapons on the 400ish HP range. Ive been lucky enough to grab a 2HS “Darkened Mithril Two-Handed Blade” with a 79/40 ratio and a natural haste of 39% plus proc 150DD, and a “Darkened Brigandine Tunic” with a AC110ish/HP600ish and the nice cast : gather shadow on it. Other stuff is kinda regular, but for the Darkened FBSS and some rare drops…

So, here it is.
I started a new character from the start, level 1 naked, barbarian 2hander.

LEVELLING WITH A SHAMAN – from level 1 to level 46
The shaman pulls (slows/cripple), the berserker hits and raises its stats… yawn

– from level 46 to level 65 and the AAs

– only effective for groups (character over level 46)
– find yourself a 75 cleric with some good gear
– use the leadership ability to mentor your character (L key, mentoring, select tha name of your character, 100%)

– use the cleric to use 3 PL spells :
Vow of Valor Rank2 or 3 (mob -1250hp, you+1250hp by the effect of its proc Valorous Strike 2 or 3) ; Ward of Reprisal Rank 2 or 3 (DD) ; Yaulp 8 (regen your mana and makes you rpoc more).

– pull
trains of mobs : they will immolate themselves on the DD proc of the cleric, while he is healed automatically by the self group Healing proc. Works perfectly in Bastion of Thunder for me, with 4 giants at a time.

– Note : the Healing proc is random, so first, the better proc AAs / items effect you get on the CLERIC, the more chances you have to trigger the procs (Yaulp 8 helps a lot) ; Ward of Reprisal lasts some minutes only, you will have to cast it on your CLERIC before each pull, and even during the fights that last a bit longer than expected ; if you pull too many mobs that hit hard (Bastion of Thunder), and if your Healing proc doesnt trigger early enough, you may have to slef heal yourself in the regular way, with the risk of seeing your casts interrupted – thats why i dont recommend you to pull too many mobs at start, just check your ability to suffer the hits.

Easy, even for the AAs at 65 – yes, i did stop levelling to get the basics of the berserker AAs, see the next comment.

– As to December 4th, i tried the new hotzone “Hall of Honors” : add +2% AA per kill – aka 5% AA total vs BoT where i was getting 3% AA per kill at level 66 ; this zone is fun, mobs dont hit hard at all, and the cleric immolation strategy is maximized.


The berserker class is a huge dps class. But…
I discovered that without any AAs, your berserker (level 65 for me when i started the AAs path) is nothing but a light dps character ; few hits due to the non-access to higher weapons, few crits, few procs. This kind of berserker cant resist any aggro hits too. So, i browsed the boards of goberserker website and made my own path.

aagen.jpg aaarch.jpg aaclas.jpg

aapop4.jpg aapop5.jpg aagod6.jpg

aaoow7.jpg aadod8.jpg aatss9.jpg

Double Attack / Extra Hit / Crits / Attack from items / Lvl Costs

Ferocity (double attack) 61 to 65 9aas
Relentless Assault (double attack; Ferocity at Rk3) 70 21aas Punishing Blade (extra hit) 61 to 65 12aas
Wicked Blade (extra hit; Punish Blade at Rk3; Level70) 70 18aas

Flurry (2 attacks) – Combat Fury at Rk3 59 18aas
Raging Flurry (Flurry at Rk3) 63 to 65 16aas
Crazed Onslaught (Flurry; Raging Flurry at Rk3) 67 to 69 15aas
Savage Assault (Flurry; Crazed Onslaugth at Rk3) 71 to 75 15aas

Combat Fury (critical hits) 62 to 64 12aas
Fury of The Ages (critical hits ; Combat Fury at Rk3) 62 to 64 9aas
Veterans Wrath (critical hits; Fury of ages at Rk3) 67 to 69 18aas
Veterans Fury (critical hits; Veteran Wrath at Rk3) 71 to 75 18aas

Enhanced Aggression (attack from items; 12 in Archet) 66 to 70 25aas
Rage of Serpent Spine (attack; Enhanc Agress at Rk5) 71 to 75 25aas

Avoidance / Mitigation

Combat Stability (mitigation) 55 12aas
Innate Defense (Combat Stability at Rk3) 61 to 65 15aas
Defensive Instincts (InnateDefense at Rk5; mitigation) 66 to 70 25aas
Thick Skin (Defensive Instincts at Rk3; mitigation) 70 25aas

Combat Agility (avoidance) 55 12aas
Lightning Reflexes (Combat Agility at Rk3) 61 to 65 15aas
Reflexive Mastery (Lightning Reflex at Rk5; avoidance) 66 to 70 25aas
Precognition (reflexive Mastery at Rk3; avoidance) 70 25aas

Physical Enhancement (hp/mitig/avoid) 59 5aas


Cloak of the Spirit Tracker – Arcstone quest – Level 65
Borso Ring & Earring – Relic Quest – Level 68

Tome of Aura of Rage
– Takish Quest – Level 55

This is a solo task with unlimited time to complete. Lilthill`yan`s Ghost may be found at -545, -365. You say, ‘Hail, Lilthill`yan`s Ghost’. The ghost stares off in the distance, lost in thought. Finally, it speaks, ‘Many were the [mistakes] of the past.’ You say, ‘What mistakes?’ The ghost watches you for a moment and then looks away, lost in its lamentations. You are filled with a sudden and overwhelming sadness, as though the spirit’s thoughts are seeping into your own. You have been assigned the task ‘The Chalice of Life’. Return the Lifestone of Autumn to Lilthill`yan`s Ghost – Ruins of Takish-Hiz / Return the Lifestone of Winter to Lilthill`yan`s Ghost – Ruins of Takish-Hiz / Return the Lifestone of Spring to Lilthill`yan`s Ghost – Ruins of Takish-Hiz / Return the Lifestone of Summer to Lilthill`yan`s Ghost – Ruins of Takish-Hiz. Before the fall of Old Takish, the elves gathered to protect the sacred artifact known as the chalice of Life. Knowing that the Chalice would fall into the hands of the advancing giants, the protectors removed the four life stones and entrusted them into the hands of the Lifestone Guardians, mindless constructs desgined to defend the city. This proved to be a mistake as the Chalice of Life was much needed during the final hours of Old Takish as the city was enveloped by the Desert of Ro. The Chalice of Life must be reassembled. Its unique power was not meant to be locked away below the earth, held in the hands of unliving golems.

You have to run around and kill four named mobs (which summon) and loot the following items :
Lifestone Guardian of Spring – Lifestone of Spring (He paths between the stone structure at +270, -890, and walks south to the round-shaped building toward the hill, at -255, -680.)
Lifestone Guardian of Summer – Lifestone of Summer (He paths near Lilthill`yan`s Ghost at -485, -555 east, pulls a U-turn, then paths toward the skeletons at in the stone structures north of his previous location, then hugs a building, ending up at -235, -585.)
Lifestone Guardian of Autumn – Lifestone of Autumn (He paths from near Lilthill`yan`s Ghost at around -500, -485, following the bottom of the hill toward a building, stopping at -155, -95.)
Lifestone Guardian of Winter – Lifestone of Winter (He paths between the building with the jeweled mobs in it northwest of zone-in and travels southwest, ending between a rock and a stone structure. The endpoints of his path are +305, -430 and +160, -210, respectively.)
All four items are NO TRADE. You don’t have to have the task to loot them, merely to turn them back into the ghost for a reward. Once you turn in all four pieces: The Chalice of Life has been reforged!
You have been given : Glittering Cloak of the Ruins (melee/hybrid reward) MAGIC ITEM LORE ITEM Slot: BACK AC: 14 STR: +5 DEX: +7 STA: +4 CHA: +5 WIS: +6 INT: +6 AGI: +7 HP: +85 MANA: +80 ENDUR: +80 SV FIRE: +4 SV DISEASE: +5 SV COLD: +6 SV MAGIC: +4 SV POISON: +3 Recommended level of 63. Required level of 56. WT: 1.2 Size: SMALL Class: WAR PAL RNG SHD MNK BRD ROG BST BER Race: ALL Slot 1, Type 7
You also receive your level 55 class-specific Aura spell: Berserker: Tome of Aura of Rage

DoN progression 1 (stats+10 saves+10)
– Dragons of Norrath Quest Walkthrough Step1 – Level 65

In order to start these quests, you need to have at least indifferent faction standing with the Keepers of Norrath or the Dark Reign. You raise this faction by turning in the faction token to Wayfarers Mercernary Youra or Limann. If you do a quest for the opposing faction, just destroy the opposing faction token (or better yet, bank one, as they are lore, to prevent an accidental turn-in); there will then be no penalty for helping your friends who are on opposing faction. You earn the faction tokens through individual or group quests. You can always get the solo faction quests for either faction by going to the Wayfarer Camp in Lava Storm Mountains just east of the Sol B entrance at /loc 2200, -50. When you get there, you will want to talk to either Wayfarers Mercenary Elanye or Bitral, or Varein or Jeryx. They’ll offer you solo missions to increase your faction; note that this is a solo goal, as in only you need to loot or be part of the kills; you may accomplish it grouped or solo. You can also get the tokens by completing a group quest that someone else has obtained. How many tokens you will need to turn in before achieving indifferent faction will depend on your starting race, diety and class, and on which side you decide to work for. Note: at some point, you may find that you don’t have the faction to get the next step; just do (or redo) more group missions at the present step and keep turning in the faction crystals.

Solo Mission S.1.1: Greed of the Goblins – Objective: Kill 11 Stillmoon Laborers – Zone: Stillmoon Temple
Solo Mission S.1.2: Creating an Antidote – Objective: Loot 5 Boiling Lavaspinner Bloods – Zone: Lavaspinner’s Lair
Solo Mission S.1.3: Burning Arrows – Objective: Loot 5 Delvian Goblin Teeth – Zone: Tirranun’s Delve
Once all three are completed, return to camp and hail Chieftain Relae Aderi again and follow the dialog; he will send you to speak to Keeper Dilar Nelune, who will assign you a group mission for 3-6 players (average level must be 68 or higher) : Group Mission G.1.1: Children of Gimblax – Objective: Spawn and kill Gimblax – Zone: INSTANCED version of Stillmoon Temple


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