The Serpent’s Spine

Everquest, The Serpent’s Spine

Born in 2006, The Serpent’s Spine expansion brought a very new world more in pace with the needs of the guilds to raid challenging targets.

There is basically 3 sets of high end raiding content :

1 – Vergalid

Vergalid mines offer some fun in the raiding progression. Imperial drakkin legions are trying to bury out Vergalid, who will provide strong artifact to support their expansion throughout the world. More basically, you have to beat some strange events with popping mini bosses along the main fights, and a final strike on Vergalid himself, a dragon buried into the depth of the mines. These raids open the access of Ashengate, Reliquary of the Scale : a zone with dragon events and imperial drakkin legions fourbishing their weapons in wait of the final invasion. I will explain the events and strategies on the pages of this site.

2 – Ashengate, The Reliquary of Scale

Ashengate is the temple of dragons. A 3 wings zone with drakkins, oozes, floating rocks, orcs, dragons, eggs (!). In order to access the raiding instances, you have to progress to sub mini quests through the zones, check them out on this site. Once you are fully flagged to the Ashengate raiding content, you must progress through the West / East / North raids to end the script. Same as before, i will explain the events and strategies on the pages of this site.

3 – Frostcrypt, Throne of the Shade King

In par with its brother zone, Valdeholm, home of the Frost Giants, Froscrypt raiding is probably the more difficult raiding instances of the expansion – i.e. of the game. Not only do you have to get a decent faction with giants to enter these raids, but you have to strengthen you guild in a military way or you just fail. Check the pages on this site for further explanations on strategies and events.


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