Vergalid Mines Raid 2 – Goru Uldrock


Objective : kill Goru Uldrock while 2 flows of waves of adds pop around (souls, undead giants).
Event progress : Goru Uldrock is rooted at the door, when the event starts, a first flow of adds will begin to rush the raid (8 to 10 waves of 5 to 8 mobs) ; when Goru Uldrock’s HP drops to 50-30%, a second flow of adds appears (this time, 8 to 10 waves of 8 to 10 mobs).


MeleeStats : hit 5,000 dam, Flurry, Single Rampage, AE Rampage. Perma rooted (can debuff before engaging the fight) 
AESpells : BREATH OF THE FALLEN drains 6,000 hp and heal Goru, short range (50) ; REIGN OF DECAY(can cure with disease or rc369), 2,200 instant dam + 2,200 dot dam for 24 sec (not cured, add a 10,000 instant dam when it fades)
AECure : RGC or disease cure

Specific :
This event sees a lot of adds in 2 waves. Some are Mezzable (lost souls,tormented souls, wailing souls, angry souls), some are not Mezzable (undead giant overlords,undead giants). They doesnt summon.

vergundead.png vergsoul4.png vergsoul3.png

Strategy :
Mainly assist your MA to kill the adds. PAL/SK/WAR taunt/kite/TM them as they pop. CLE/DRU/SHM random heal whoever is hit by them. One strategy can be to cast a Damage Shield on everyone to accelerate the event’s win. When all of the 1st wave is dead, start to debuff Goru, start your CCH cycle from your CLE and let your Main Tank engage the fight. DPS use the range attacks to avoid the AE enrage and AE Spell. As the 2d wave of adds starts (Goru at 50% to 30% hp), switch all the DPS to kill the adds but let casters WIZ/MAG/DRU/NEC focus their DD on Goru. The key to win this event is to KITE the adds.


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