Vergalid Mines Raid 3 – Vergalid Event himself

vergalid.jpg vm3-2.png


MeleeStats : Vergalid hits for 2,000 to 7,000 dam, Flurry, 5 Single Rampages for 1 AE Rampage (hard one).
AESpells : BREED OF CORRUPTION, 1,000 instant dam + 1,000 dot dam for 30 sec (not cured, it pops “a spawn of vergalid” on the player (Lvl78/80, hits for 2,000 dam, cannot be snared) To be well informed if this AE triggers on you, set an Audio trigger : You feel something begin to hatch on your skinDOOMING EXILE, 1,500 instant dam+ 1,500 dot dam for 30 sec (not cured, you are sent to the Abyss and may die from landing ; just move then to the wall and ask a COH from any MAG of your raid). To be well informed of this AE, set an Audio Trigger : You feel yourself being exiled ; ROAR OF INSANITY, 2,000 instant dam, drain mana+endurance for 1,000 dam, stun for 6 seconds. The range seems to be Vergalid’s front direction (opened 180′), so DPS must stand behind him to damage.
AECure : you can notice some yellowish glowing crystal, “an infused Crystal” ; when you have been got hit by AE (Breed of Corruption or Dooming Exile), stand near by the crystal and break it to cure the AE. One crystal can cure up to 6 people, so wait like 6 sec before you break it, so other people can get a chance to cure themselves at the same time. Let alone the crystal (1-2) near MT for him to get cured fast. ENC/NEC/WIZ/MAG/RNG use outter crystals, and DPS/PAL/SK/CLE use middle-ranged crystals.


Strategy :
The event starts when 3 people (or 4-6) step into Vergalid cave. The pillar surrounding Vergalid will start falling. During this time, the main tank has 6-12 sec to run over to the tanking spot. Do not forget to give the Rampage tank a DA. Let him kite Vergalid like 15-30 sec and let the MT get be rdy at tanking spot. When the MT on Vergalid, debuff. CLE/DRU/SHM all heal the MT.
Perform your max DPS at the start of the fight. DPS, try to be at the max melee range. In case you are hit by the AE spells (Breed of Corruption or Dooming Exile), make sure you find infused crystal to cure and dont forget to use healing potion when low on health. If some adds pop, PAL/SK have to TM and kite.



5 Responses to “Vergalid Mines Raid 3 – Vergalid Event himself”

  1. Where’s a good place to tank this ass at? we keep having problem’s with that, he gets turned and his directional AE gets up dps and casters.

  2. I suggest you type a google search on “Vergalid Down” keywords, and check the guilds pics on their homepages where they announce the defeat of Vergalid. Seeing the corpses, you can easily compile the multiple tanking positions. Nothing really special, more about your dps following the moves of the dragon along the fight.

  3. He also cast a 10k lifetap unresistable called soul siphon

  4. there is a spot in the eastern part of his cave that has a mushroom next it that seems to work the best

  5. there is a link to a common kill spot as u can see by compass its in the eastern part of cave good luck

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