Vergalid Mines Raid 1 – Nurtha Frazzlesprocket


Nurtha activates 3 clockworks and waves of mechanical contraptions to defend herself. The purpose of this event is to take her 3 clockworks (guard robots) down, disarm her waves of adds (mechanical contraptions), and defeat her in a last round. After trigger, Nurtha will randomly activate one of the 3 clockworks; there will be 1 minute of pause between each robot, use it to Rez Med Buff your raid



MeleeStats : Hit 2,000 to 7,000 dam, AE Rampage : 7,000 dam
AESpells :
NURTHA’S POISON BLAST 2,500 instant dam + 2,500 dot dam for 18 seconds
NURTHA’S WEB OF ENTRAPMENT Slow, snare, casting time +50% for 12 seconds
AECure : RGC, poison cure

Specific :
This named will be on a non-attackable mode every 3 minutes and will move around to pop “an old chest” ; must be disarmed fast by Rogues & Bards, or it will pop “an infested spiderling” (The Baby Spiders) that require Tank Mezzing or Mez. Assist your MA & kill.
vergoldchest.png  An old Chest
A mechanical contraption

Strategy :
DPS assist the Main Tank to kill The Spider Robot, BRD/ROG disarm “an old chest” & “a mechanical contraption” adds while they pop; if one disarm fails, ENC needs to mez “an infested spiderling” until PAL/SK assisted by DPS burn them fast ; If one is called by the AE zone message, he needs to run fast away while BRD/ROG destroys the add ; while the Spider Robot is moving around, all DPS must move back to let the Main Tank (MT) taunt & rebuild his aggro. CLE/SHM/DRU heal at sight during all the event.



MeleeStats : Hit 4,000 to 18,000 dam, Single Rampage
AESpells : CLOCKWORK CALAMITY Mez for 12 seconds
AECure : RGC, poison cure

Specific :

Strategy :
The main purpose of this fight is to kill this Gnome Robot as fast as possible ; so while CLE/SHM/DRU massively heal the Main Tank (MT), and once this one has taken a big aggro hit, DPS have to use their best damaging discs, BRD/ROG focus on disarming “a mechanical contraption” which will continue to pop around. Be prepared for many MT (WAR) to be destroyed before the end of the fight ; DPS must be very careful not to OT, for one DPS can die fast
on single rampage.


MeleeStats : Hit 3,000 to 7,000 dam, Flurry
AESpells : NURTHA’S FLESH ROT 1,500 instant dam + 1,500 dot dam for 120 seconds
AECure : RGC, disease cure

Specific :
This named will pop 3 types of adds adds during the fight : a raging vermin, an infected vermin and a diseased vermin

vergdisvermin.png verginfvermin.png

Strategy :
CLE/SHM/DRU heal & group heal + cure at sight, DPS assist the Main Tank (MT) to kill The Rat Robot then the MA to kill adds ; BRD/ROG disarm “a mechanical contraption” adds ; PAL/SK assisted by DPS Tank Mez (TM) & burn the mice adds fast ; If you are struck by the AE (120sec dot), get close to a group healer to receive a group heal + cure.


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